Campbell presser

Well you know MCDC. Doesn’t sugar-coat anything. He stopped short of flat out saying “We got our ass kicked” (which he did say to TJ post-game), but he made sure everybody got their fair share of being thrown under the bus, including himself. Hard on himself and the coaches but also the players; “they weren’t physically, mentally or emotionally prepared for this game”. And of course, rightfully gave Carolina all the credit they were due.


This video actually gives us an opportunity to listen to MCDC talking xs and os. He’s not a meathead… and I. The process he understands thee optional aspects of sports … we GOT ourselves a HC people!!!


Yeah I noticed that when they asked him a couple of times “what happened? what happened?” He just kind of - politely - said “okay, HERE’S what happened, have a good time putting that in your article”. Might not have been the best time to press him on it :joy:


I mean we prevented Carolina from breaking the all time rushing record…so it could have been worse, we held them to a cool 320 yards rushing. haha

And we had 45 yards rushing total. Shit we got mauled, the final score was kind

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It really was. There was absolutely NOTHING “23 - 37” about that game.


After the shit show yesterday I moved Jack up to our second pick in the second round. The Campbell presser I’m waiting for is the Jack Campbell presser.

She is giving Ms. Jigglypuffs a run for her money at the First Bank of Spankage.