Can’t wait to see!

Watching Tom Kennedy made me think . What if they draw plays up like that for Jamo ??? Could you imagine he would be gone !! So hyped !! Let’s go !!


The coverage will probably be different as Kennedy isn’t really a deep threat but I get the idea. I expect to see a LOT more wide open guys once we get Jamo going.


He’s gonna SHRED the NFL. His speed is unnatural. Dude’s a mutant. He’s not a little pansy-ass WR, either…Dude has tons of guts’n’determination. I love that dude.

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Dude I hope so !! If he is a superstar that will make everything better !!

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Only thing that can stop him is injury, bro.

He’s “wiry strong,”
Natural understanding of angles/space/timing/distance
…which makes him fantastic at
-route running
-finding holes (also what she said)
-giving defenders bad reads on angles of pursuit

He can outrun everyone on the field
is shifty AF
is highly unpredictable
has tons of guts and is a fearless player.

I truly think he’s gonna be the 2nd best player on our team.

Man you getting me hype !! Let’s go !!!

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Charles Rogers. BMW.
Just saying, Heartbreak Blue Koolaid.
If he works out, I’ll be thrilled, but, I’ve seen too many similar plots.

I know I think we are due !!

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:muscle: :fire:
:muscle: :sunglasses:

Plot lines don’t matter NEARLY as much as the characters
This time → HIGH charter leadership
→ HIGH level character
→ MUCH higher level talent than before as well

Translation…different story.
You’re talking about putting Gwen Stefani in a Rocky movie, when you talk about those other guys.

This is the real deal
JaMoss is gonna kick thier ass.