Can we stop using Pro Bowls as some sort of legitimate benchmark now or?



Mahomes and Hurts are going to Super Bowl, not Mahomes and Burrow.

So Burrow and I assume Josh Allen will be the two QBs.

Unless Allen is somehow lower than Tyler Huntley.

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I mentioned this last night.
There is no such thing as the “Pro Bowl”, anymore.
Keeping the name after changing the format was stupid.
It is now the, “All Pro Players Games”. Call it what it is, and call the players what they are. They can’t be “Pro Bowler’s” if there is no “Pro Bowl”. They are “All Pro’s”. I know “truth” is hard for todays NFL, but, maybe they should give it a try, at least partially.


Yup - nobody goes either. Attendance isn’t much more than women’s soccer. It’s bad. Big, empty stadium.


How dare you go after women’s soccer like that!? Cancel this bald man immediately.

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He’s toxically masculine. You’ll have to forgive him.

Yes, but three QBs get named to the pro bowl, so you have Burrow and Allen, if they even choose to go and then Huntley.

I don’t really care about the Pro Bowl, until it comes around to people saying ‘so and so is a pro-bowler’, like it is some sort of gold-standard or even a credible barometer for a players performance/worth.


No, All-Pro’s are All-Pro’s. It’s a completely separate designation/accolade than the Pro Bowl.


Did you finish as one of the top 5-15 guys at your position in your conference on PFF’s scale, that’s what has more merit than a Pro Bowl selection.

Excluding QB’s, Punters, Kickers from the argument

As long as it keeps getting used as a salary escalator it will still have validity.

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I’m really not sure I can move past this… LSM, Ladies Soccer Matters. First he discriminates against men with hair, now this! @BigNatty - I’m disappointed more than anything.

Back in my day, it was a real game. Charlie Sanders ended Bubba Smith’s career in one. Went on to beer commercials and then a florist / policeman.



Or watch:

There is no “Pro Bowl”, though?
Maybe, call it “NFL Participation Games”, or “Special Participant Games”.


I mean, they kinda are

I’d pay $35 to play in the Pro Bowl. That’s a little more than the $10 that I spend on drop-in hockey, but I can swing it.

This may be a completely different event altogether!

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I’d pay $35 to watch you go against Sewell in a run blocking drill. I believe in you brother! Make us proud.