Cap an FA Info for Lions good Utube explains a lot


This video helps explain how void years work plus an minus of them along with cap hits of main players we have talked about. Its worth watching

This is very well done. Dion has some really good knowledge of the cap, more than the Lions beat writers.

  • Talks about extending Chark to save on the acceleration of the void years that he had to spread out his $10M cap hit, but like @detroit1811 pointed out earlier, his contract voids 5 days after Super Bowl, so we’d have to extend him by 02/17.
  • He talks like the Lions are likely going to bring back ERFA’s, but 99% of the time, they extend a tender to them and if they are cut, it’s during training camp.
  • He mentions that he thought that Brown would get more last season, but Brown was technically a RFA, so we could have tendered him $2.54M (none of it guaranteed), instead we gave him $600K guaranteed, plus another $1.4M in base salary and per game bonuses and incentives of $1M (which he didn’t hit, but was close).
  • He mentions Spotrac has Brown at a $10.8M valuation, which is a reason why you shouldn’t use spotrac valuations.
  • On the Goff extension, I’ve suggested this many times, but there is a reason that we did small restructures of Decker, Brockers and Vaitai instead of doing one restructure of Goff and that’s because any restructure of Goff, increases his 2025 potential franchise tag (which is either average of top 5 cap hits or 120% of prior year cap hit). I like his suggestion (it has been suggested here as well) of doing a small extension, guaranteeing some money now and adding a year or two to the contract.

Overall, very well done by the guy. He has a really solid understanding of how the cap works, better than the Lions beat writers.


Appreciate the rating, but, tbh, I just use you as the Den Capexpertologist!! :cowboy_hat_face:
I do like your comments on Goff extension, appears, if Goff is willing, that there is a way to keep him without a massive massive hit that some discuss here. Am I right in thinking this or reading it completely wrong?

Learned a lot from this, especially since he broke every position down via charts. He certainly helped identify a couple things for me:

  1. The financial benefit in cutting certain players like Brockers , Big V and to a lesser degree J. Okwara (because of salary).

  2. Clarifies the needs this team needs to address at the draft. Interior defense, cornerback and guard if Big V is cut.

  3. Helps me to watch what the Lions do in regards to resigning or restructuring/extending certain players like Chark, Ragnow and Goff. Explains the concept of how extending players can spread out the cap hit from signing bonus.

  4. Big question remains for me is Chark and Okudah.