Cardinals coach Sean Kugler fired after reportedly groping woman in Mexico City

I don’t get it.

If one of my buddies did that, we’d collectively beat the shit out of him and disown him.

How this still is a thing is beyond me.


Hard to resist those Latina booties man… but… gotta summon the strength!

Has anyone here ever been to Mexico? I went to Cancun for spring break my senior year in high school. We got shook down by the cops our first night there. We had to pay them off or we were going to be ■■■■■■. A lot of corruption in the Mexican police force.

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Yes and yes, but were very very careful as to where we went and when.

I used to be a cop in Cancun. I remember shaking down some Americans until they gave us money. Those were good times.


Takes a lot of strength to fight 'em off.
Handsome lives matter!

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I see that too. Soooo crazy. Entitlement. Go to Mexico and morph into Urban Meyer…Jesus, dude…even in front of a kid.

Ya know, in Mexico, prostitution is legal, there are sex clubs, strip joints have different rules, etc. I always wonder with athletes, if they could possibly have been framed because of who they are.
This just sounds like some crazy shit.