Carlos thinks Stafford wants out and Lions should tank

Carlos thinks Stafford wants out. He believes Danny O is his “voice” without him having to come out and say it and look like the bad guy. I have stated that I don’t think he wants out and I am not backtracking from that but posting a substantial piece that brings up a very good point that maybe he is using Danny O as his mouthpiece and wants out. No way we get to the top 2. I may not think Fields and Lawrence change the needle much more for winning given the current makeup of the team BUT if they got the right coaching staff and the regime in those would be the two guys I would want. Personally, I have no interest in replacing Stafford with the kids behind those two studs.

I also believe Danny O is Stafford’s mouthpiece. That was my initial take, which was reinforced with his latest reply to the question about his future. He’s tired of this and knows it’s a full-on rebuild.

it’s why barry left. and barry didn’t have near the ‘rebuilds’ that matt has had. not to mention, broken back (twice) a slew of other injuries. Hell I’d want out. he could retire and unretire but the Lions wouldn’t release their interest in him, just like barry. can’t blame them. He should force a trade if he really wants out but he’ll have to put on his big boy pants to do that and actually say something.

I’m hoping he at least waits to see who they hire. There are a couple coaches we’re all talking about that I think stafford would play for.


Yeah, we’ll see. I fully believe that if he expressed to Sheila or Rod that he needs to be traded, they’d make it happen. I’m sure they’ll ask him to wait and see what the new GM is able to do, but there will be a point where they both agree is the time he should be traded.

I understand Matt. Half the time I want out as a fan. I can only digest so much garbage this franchise serves up


Right after Rod asks him to repay part of his signing bonus money.


I’m not sure of Carlos, I watched the last couple of talks that he and Birkett did after the games and he seemed to have a strong affinity for Patricia and he seemed really upset and hurt when he was fired. Don’t really get it, but I just thought it was odd.

He thinks the Lions should tank?
Really awful football teams don’t need to tank to lose games.


I think he knows that execution has, in fact, cost this team wins. He knows who’s not picking up blitzes and what it does to drives. He knows what they’re practicing all week and then what’s executed on Sunday. Bottom line, he knows the part the players played in getting the HC fired. Ultimately, it’s 100% deserved, but if you’re on the team you have to know what you were coached to do and what you actually did. (like throwing 4 picks in 2 games)

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That was one of the dumbest articles I’ve ever read. Not just Carlos, but when anyone says, " They should tank it."
I am at a complete loss as to what that even means. Loose on purpose? As in throw games? As in RICO indictments from the Feds? How can a sports writer write something so stupid?


Yes lose on purpose. It’s easy, put all your starters on IR and “develop” your younger guys.

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Or…just keep playing the same guys. There is a great chance they will lose even when trying their best.

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When I saw that Dan-O tweet, I knew there was some personal backstory behind it. Some things said over drinks to it.

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With no shot at the top two QB’s i kinda would like to see them play hard. I am torn bc i would like a high draft pick (parsons) but what if we rattle off 3-4 wins…the offense is unleashed and not tethered down by the ball control? The defense is more aggressive? I almost want to see them win in a statement on just how bad MP was…plus two games have been flexed…I’m not all about us getting humiliated twice more on national tv.

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There is zero defense of Patricia. I’m not typically one for absolutes, but this is one of the rare cases. Patricia took a winning team, put his garbage schemes in, and made the team into a loser from the jump. Same players, far worse results. And then it kept getting worse.

This was not on the players.


With Fatboy and Batboy gone, there’s no reason to root for the team to lose. The cancer has been removed.

This isn’t the NBA where there’s three impact players in a draft. If you pick right, it doesn’t really matter where you pick (same thing if you’re wrong).


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Carlos is upset because he lost an “unnamed source within the organization” that was used for public shaming of certain players methinks…but I’m paid to think like that…


From The Jump.

Here is the 3rd quarter of Game 1 of Fat Boy’s Defensive genius (while he still had Slay and Diggs and actual talent)

Lions TD Drive to tie it 17-17 4 plays /75 yards
Jets TD drive 6/75
Stafford Pick 6
Lions 3 and out, Jets punt return for a TD
Lions 2 plays, 0 yards, picked.
Jets 4 plays/4 yards, FG
Lions 7 plays 49 yards, MIssed FG
Jets 2 plays 66 yards, TD ( 63 yard TD run Isaiah Crowell for God’s sake)

Wow. I think after that we knew we were sold oceanfront property in Kansas.