CB rankings by route type

I think this is behind a paywall, but Brian Branch gets mentioned twice. He’s one of the top corners from the slot at covering out routes and crossing routes.


Name PFF Coverage Grade Coverage Targets Passer Rating when Targeted Yards per Coverage Target
Tre’Davious White 95.5 2 18.8 3.5
Brandin Echols 95.5 3 44.4 6.33
Brian Branch 93.6 14 68.2 2.5
Michael Carter II 91.6 7 39.6 2.86
DaRon Bland 90.2 23 26.4 5.78


The first-year cornerback was fantastic from the slot. He was exposed to a heavy dose of out routes, to which he answered the call, earning an excellent 93.6 coverage grade against them. That grade is built in large part by Branch’s ability to quickly close down on receivers with make-up speed, allowing him to rack up five forced incompletions on targeted out routes, the second most at the position.

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I know the Lions want to move him to safety to keep him on the field at all times, but I want to keep him in the slot at Nickel in all 5 DB personnel groups. He is such a natural at the position in defending both the run and pass.
In 4 DB packages he can go to Safety because he is not leaving the field.


I was going to say the same thing, but i wanted somebody else to.
Don’t mess with a good thing.
If he moved to safety, I imagine it would be box safety or two deep, which cuts into Iffy’s snaps.

I still think we draft a safety high next season. We can’t pay them all and Kerby is kinda iffy to me.

Speaking of Safety, has there been any rumors or leaks of the Lions potentially signing Justin Simmons on a one-year deal? Doesn’t seem like at this point he’s going to get a big, long-term deal. He’d be perfect to move Kerby into more of a situational role and with all of our DB additions, could potentially make this Defense elite.

So the Jets have #2 and #4 and neither one is Sauce or Reed? I knew Carter was good but had no clue that Echols had played that well.

PFF is saying Echols overall grade is 56.1. That’s not good. This is based on 3 targets from what I gather. Not really meaningful.

I was just going off of the chart. 95 sounds good. Was he simply worthless outside of coverage. TBH I didn’t know that he existed prior to that chart.

There should be some minimum # of targets to get rated. Like 5 or 10. Really Branch is the top guy who had a meaningful number of targets on out routes.