CBS Sports latest 7-round mock has Lions making TWO trade-downs in 1st

I’d love it.

Let’s have some fun. The Lions move back two spots as the Dolphins jump up for a quarterback, a deal that nets Detroit No. 18 and 70. They then turn around and trade No. 18 to another team moving up for a quarterback, landing them No. 23 and 87. That gives the team three extra top 90 picks to help replenish a depleted roster, particularly on the defensive side, and they start with the best corner in this class at No. 5 in Okudah. They stay in the secondary at No. 23 with the best true safety in the class in McKinney, and the pair gives them new cornerstones in the secondary after dealing Darius Slay and Quandre Diggs.

The Lions kick off Day 2 by addressing one of their biggest needs, adding to the interior of the defensive line with Gallimore, someone with untapped potential that could blossom under Matt Patricia’s tutelage. While running back isn’t a top need for the Lions, they’d be foolish to pass on a talent like Akers if he slides out of the second round due to other teams filling different needs. They then come right back and add some help to the interior of the offensive line in Jackson, who should be an asset in protecting Matthew Stafford. They go back to the well at safety for a player with NFL bloodlines in Winfield, then use their fourth pick of the round to add to the edge rush with Kareem as a rotational option.

With the bulk of their work done on the first two days, the Lions use Day 3 to add competition around the roster, starting with a sleeper at receiver in Peoples-Jones, who should be a better pro than college player. Gordon is an intriguing quarterback prospect who held his own at the Senior Bowl, while Mann fills the void left by Sam Martin’s departure. Martin and Samuels provide more needed depth on the defensive side.

In each trade-down, the Lions would be accomodating a team moving up to get their QB – Tua with Miami, a sliding Justin Herbert with the Patriots.

I kinda doubt the Lions would be taking two safeties in the draft. But generally, I’d support the haul here.

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Trading down to 23 from 18 for a 3rd Round pick? I suppose the would be possible with the Patriots.

This is what I mentioned in the other thread about trading with the PATS. If we get 18 in a trade down I could definitely see us trading back to 23 with NE.

I’d LOVE this sort of scenario but … it’s kinda dream like

yeap we need all the picks we can land , especially if we use 3-4 of them on the offense (RB, WR, O-line, QB). I’d be happy as hell with 5 new solid playmakers on defense ! that would help a lot.

Better get more than a 3rd to drop down 5 spots in the 1st round.

Just more false hopes being peddled to Lions fans that are lapping this shit up and will be foaming at the mouth when it doesn’t happen.

Relax, no one is foaming at the mouth but you. No one thinks this is for sure happening, or that it’s even probable. It’s just simple discussion about possible draft trades.

So, no edge rusher?

Sigh…so many holes. It’s a great draft, don’t get me wrong…

It would be sweet if they got more than the Patriots #87 pick for a trade down from #18 to #23, but that’s pretty much even. But if there’s a can’t-miss TE prospect at #18, you take him…