CBS Sports: Tua receives 'overwhelmingly positive reports' on hip from teams who examined him

Former Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is considered one of the top signal callers in the 2020 NFL Draft class, and the excitement surrounding him will just continue to build as positive news on his dislocated hip made its rounds at the NFL Scouting Combine this week.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Tagovailoa received overwhelmingly positive reports on his dislocated hip from teams who examined him over the past two days. The MRIs were as clean as one could hope for, the fracture is healed and there is no loss of blood flow. One source told Rapoport that it “looked great.”

Earlier this month, Rapoport reported that the CT scan for Tagovailoa three months after he sustained the injury was “as positive as possible.” The quarterback’s fracture had healed and his hip as well as its range of motion was good. He should be cleared for football activities very soon.

We’re either getting Chase Young or Tua.

Sounds good to me! A draft that even Quinntricia can’t screw up!


I think you’re gonna be disappointed if you are counting on the Lions drafting Tua!

I just don’t see it…to much risk!

If anything Quin has shown us he drafts very safe in rd 1


All the best news possible for Tua , this is great for him he seems like a solid kid
…Now can he run and run fast? Does he have the lateral movement he had ? Will he be gun shy on taking a hit ? Can he throw the same after having a device implanted in his hip that limits his rotation ? He is a lefty thrower and the injured hip is his plant leg that you rotate and pivot on ? Will he dislocate it again as he is definitely more likely to do so after it has happened already that is proven among people who have had hip dislocations ? Does the game of football make that even more so as it was the case for the only other player to suffer a similar injury in Dennis Pitta?

Taking this kid at #3 is such a huge risk . I want no part of and I can’t see Bob seeing it any other way


Just as I’ve become convinced that JRLIONS is Kelly Stafford, I now believe NewYorkLion is Justin Herbert’s agent. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The Lions are not considering Tua, but will likely trade down if he is healthy.

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I assume you are committed to a rubber room.

Has nothing to do with Herbert if we took a QB at #3 Tua is the last guy I want . Herbert would be the guy I want but would take Eason , Burrow or Love over Tua …This is about Tua and no one else.

I don’t care who you are, that is hilarious!


I sneak onto their computer when they go for smoke breaks.


Well done, Tua PR team.

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LOL…spot on!

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JRLIons glad your surgery went well and hope you are recovering smoothly. You don’t really want to go to LA do you?

No offense just having a little fun.

Just keep the Tua hype train going to drive up that price. I can just see it now…

#1 Burrow goes to Cincy.

#2 Young to Wash

#3 TE Adam Trautman gets drafted by the Lions. BQ says they had trade offers but Trautman was just to good to pass up. We just couldn’t take a chance trading down two spots and losing out on our guy. We feel he was worth staying put for. He’s the perfect Ying to Hocks Yang. We now have a killer two TE set. Hock, the blocking TE who can catch and Trautman, the receiving TE who can block. NFL teams won’t know what to do BQ claims … speaking of not knowing what to do … Bevell promptly resigns… I don’t even know how to scheme a TE into the playbook Bevell screams as he runs out the door at Allen Park.

#4 MIA trades up one spot to draft TUA. Rumors were CAR and SD were trying to jump them and Mia gives up #5, #18 and #26 to move up one spot. Stephon Ross was gritty. I can’t believe we offered DET 3 #1 picks and 3 #2 picks and they declined. We got our man and saved out 3 second round Picks.

BQ when asked why he declined the trade… it just wasn’t worth it - ya know these things are hour to hour and every minute you have to decide what to do every second and things are always moving and changing.

I’m sorry I just couldn’t resist… lol


lol? I cried.

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on’t bet on it–we are the lion’s and the stogges will probaly select another tight end

And Quinn goes around the War Room very excitedly slapping five with everybody and dramatically heaving sighs of relief that Trautman slipped to them at three.

(This actually happened when they took Teez Tabor at least a round early, in case you don’t recall.)