CFB Players to Watch: Nov 18 edition

New Mexico State

Oregon States running back is totally legit.

Damien Martinez is terrific. And the style of back that translates to the NFL well. Not eligible until 2025 though.

Could Jayden Daniels end up going number 1 overall? I realize it sounds crazy, and is rather unlikely, but aside from the slight build and the meandering path to get where he’s currently at, that dude has it all. Worst case he seems like the easy QB3 and a probably top ten pick.

I was shocked at the first 2 Nebraska drives. 2 quick TDs of 50 plus yards was amazing. Just as fast as we scored we went back to the worst offense in the world just as fast. I do like the defense. The scheme seems to work but I don’t know how many times the bltzer came in with a clean shot and didn’t finish. Is Purdy coming back next year?

I have no idea of Chubba is coming back. But he has transferred once so I assume he’d have to get a waiver. They need to look outside for a QB. RB as well.

Hopefully some offensive linemen and a punter too!

If they had an average power 5 QB situation this year they would have won 9 games. That’s what they need to focus on.

Really, nothing about a Tampa getting smoked? Shootout was more an IOWA thing but point taken and funny, Texas ended up winning 26-16 and Sweat moves incredibly well for his size. Higgins was the D star for IOWA, 12 tackles with 6 solo he is currently 2nd in the nation with 133 tackles but we aren’t in need of another LB. Castro and the IOWA secondary stood tall even with the loss of DeJean, holding Illinois to 215 yards on 47 passes for a 4.6 average. They were 24-36 for over 500 yards the week before.

In the end Sweat was the player I was really impressed with at a position we need help. He was hugely disruptive yesterday with his pressure up the middle while being double teamed all day long. We need someone to collapse the pocket and let the other guys clean up. ISU running back Sama was 7 carries for 11 yards yesterday, Sanders was 6 for 10. The prior week Sama had 8 carries for 110 yards and Sanders had 9 carries for 57 yards.

Any of you guys paying attention to Brenden Rice?

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Yep. It’s just that there are so damn many stud X WRs in this draft that it’s hard to imagine him going higher than round 3.

But that size, pedigree, a 10.78 100m time in HS, instincts, hands … a lot to like for sure.

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Omarion Hampton is a likely day 2 RB in '25 and thought to be a 4.4s type of dude. Pretty outrageous display of speed by Wiggins here.

I actually think he might be another 4th round steal out of USC.

Might make it down to round 4. We shall see. I think the pedigree will raise his draft floor.

His trajectory as well. He keeps getting better.

Another very underrated player right now

I didn’t read this thread, as I worked all weekend.
But I love DAMIEN MARTINEZ as a mid or late round RB selection.
Be prepared for me to be pounding the table for this guy. GREAT 3rd RB for what we do.

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