CFB Players to Watch: Nov 5th edition

Each Saturday during the college football season, we’ll highlight five prospects with locally televised matchups who could be a fit for the Detroit Lions in the 2023 NFL Draft, based on projected needs.

The list aims to highlight early-, mid- and late-round prospects. This will give you a chance to watch the players performing live, instead of playing catch-up in the weeks before the draft.

Tyee Wilson, DE, Texas Tech
Texas Tech at No. 7 TCU, 12 p.m., FOX

Kelee Ringo, CB, Georgia
No. 2 Tennessee at No. 1 Georgia, 3:30 p.m., CBS
Ringo is a big, physical and athletic cornerback who is capable in both zone and man coverage concepts, but has the ability to truly thrive when pressing his coverage assignment at the line

Will Anderson, edge, Alabama
No. 6 Alabama at No. 15 LSU, 7 p.m., ESPN
Anderson hasn’t gotten to the quarterback as frequently this season as offenses have thrown more resources to slowing him down, but he’s still managed six sacks, eight additional quarterback hits and 37 total pressures through eight games.

Listed at 6-foot-4, 243 pounds, Anderson doesn’t possess a big frame for an edge defender. He’s more Von Miller than Myles Garrett. If you’re looking for a Lions comp, he’s built similarly to Charles Harris. But unlike Harris, and more like Miller, look for Anderson to validate the elite athleticism, burst and movement skills that show up on film at the scouting combine.

If the Lions end up winning a couple of games and holding the No. 3 pick, Anderson becomes a no-brainer if he’s still on the board. In fact, he’s the type of talent you consider giving up additional assets to move up and secure. Pairing the Alabama standout with Hutchinson could give the Lions one of the league’s best pass-rushing tandems for years to come.

Tyler Davis, DT, Clemson
No. 5 Clemson at Notre Dame, 7:30 p.m., NBC
Given the durability concerns with Levi Onwuzurike, I was reluctant to include Davis in this space. The Clemson standout has battled his own injury issues the previous two season.

*Owen Pappoe, LB, Auburn *
Auburn at Mississippi State, 7:30 p.m., ESPN2
Pappoe is admittedly a bit of a projection.


Add Gervon Dexter DT Florida
Bo Nix QB Oregon
Charlie Jones WR Purdue
Emmanuel Forbes CB Mississippi State

Second tier guys that all should be getting a look, esp from the Lions.


Really like Forbes

Vols vs Dawgs should be a good one!!

College Football Bulldogs GIF by University of Georgia


Two explosive receivers squaring off in the Houston-SMU game today.

Rashee Rice already has almost 1000 yards for SMU (along with 6 TDs) and is a blazer with good size. @CuriousHusker loves him and it looks like he might work his way into the high day 2 conversation.

Nathaniel Dell is too slight to get drafted that high but he’s electric with the ball in his hands and already has 10 TDs to go along with 750ish yards. Should be a fun one to watch.

If we draft receiver this year, I want him to be explosive. These two guys, Hyatt, Zay Flowers, etc…

What kind of explosive are you talking here. Deep ball dude, short area twitch, or all of the above.

If Jamo is what we think he is, I wouldn’t mind seeing a big body jump ball guy added. Got St-Brown the route runner that can break you off, Jamo the deep ball guy. Think a big body jump ball guy could compliment these two nicely

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West Virginia has a couple of players I like. Not sure where they would fall though.

Jasir Cox, LB Sr.
The all-star transfer from North Dakota State brings 6-1, 209-pound size along with 124 tackles, three sacks, three interceptions, ten broken up passes, 7.5 tackles for loss, and two forced fumbles over the last three seasons. See him more of a safety in the NFL.

Dante Stills, DT Sr.
The three-time All-Big 12 pass rusher has 6-4, 285-pound size and terrific quickness, making 111 tackles with 20 sacks and 44 tackles for loss with three forced fumbles, one interception, and one fumble recovery in four seasons.


It used to be that you sort of wanted to put a basketball team together. A fast deep threat, a tall, post-up guy, and an underneath dude. And I think that can still work. But what the Dolphins are doing will change thinking, they have such a huge advantage. I wouldn’t avoid guys who are good at high-pointing if they’re the best talents, but personally I want to create hell in the defensive backfield.

There’s a mix of all of those in the guys mentioned. Flowers is a twitchy, smaller dude with jets, while Hyatt is more of a linear, track speed guy (more like Jameson actually). Rice is kind of the best of all worlds, a blazer who can go up and get it.


A.T. Perry Wake Forest

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This is a good point, especially because all the rules favor the offense now. You can barely touch the WR’s without flags all over the field. Speed kills in the modern nfl. That’s why we are all so excited to see Jamo.

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Stroud is so unbelievably bad

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You don’t have any qualms about not having a catch radius stud in the WR room. If Bryce or Lamar is our QB then I could see that. Twitchiness and awareness in scramble drills may he more important with guys like that. But if we’ve got another year with Goff I really want a guy that’s open even if he’s not open.

The other problem with a lot of the speedy guys is that they may be slot only initially and I’m not sure that I want to move St. Brown outside. Flowers has proven he can play outside even at his size but guys like Hyatt and Trey Palmer have yet to really prove that and may not have the strength initially to defeat press.

On the other hand, adding Flowers, Hyatt and Palmer would give us two 4.3 guys (assuming Chark moves on) and after last week I certainly see the allure of that.

I’ve seen Palmer going early day three. I doubt that ends up happening but he’d be a steal down there. Really talented return guy as well though he fair catches despite space way too often.

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And you’re so unbelievably spoiled … college football wise of course

You’re right I don’t have any qualms. In fact I think a guy like Jared could really thrive with guys like that, they get open quick and his accuracy is probably his strongest trait (as long as the pocket’s clean). He and Tua are somewhat similar players, accurate guys who won’t create much on their own.

I agree though that whoever you draft needs to play outside. You don’t take St. Brown away from what he does best. And he would absolutely feast with two speed demons. I think Hyatt ought to be able to do it, there were the same concerns with Jefferson and he’s a skinny guy too. Not saying Hyatt’s anything like Jefferson just that he had to make a similar transition. Devonta’s the same size and similar quickness and he seems to do fine, though he’d already proven he could do it in college. I also think Hyatt has the frame to get a little bigger.

I feel basically the same way about Palmer though I think he’s got further to go as a technician, and I don’t think he’s quite as fast as Hyatt, at least on the field, though he’s still plenty fast enough. I agree if you can get him day 3 he’d be a steal.

I’m a lot higher on him than you, though I would never want the Lion’s to take him in the too 10. But I’m starting to wonder if he’s truly more of a 2-3rd round prospect instead of a 1st rounder

So,IOWA vs Purdue has been a surprise. IOWA D has been really good, nothing new, but their O has had no problem. 188 yards passing exceeds what Petras has had in all but 1 game this season I believe. At TE U, their TE’s have 6 receptions for 146 yards and 2 TD’s. IOWA’s punter, Tory Taylor has 3 punts for 188 yards and 1 downed inside the 5. On the flip side the Purdue punter has 3 punts for 94 yards, exactly half.
Charlie Jones has been targeted 12x in the first half, and has 6 receptions for 78 yards. I believe coming into this week he had more receiving yards than IOWA had passing yards.



I think Hooker is better than Stroud

his age is the biggest reason why he aint a top 5 pick at all

Stroud is not it guys lol


Palmer doesn’t accelerate like Hyatt and he’s also not a junkyard dog like Hyatt is, but I think his top speed is damn close. You can tell Trey was a 10.46 guy in HS.

But Hyatt’s got the video game explosion just like Jamo. The only college WR I’ve seen with even sillier explosion is Monaray Baldwin but he’s not eligible and is still quite raw. I’m definitely a big Hyatt fan. I think I brought him up a week or two before he exploded on the national scene. But he’s going to end up going very, very high. Think Hyatt may end up going too ten once all is said and dome. He really reminds me of Terry Glenn who went 7th overall. Glenn supposedly ran 4.29 unofficially and I think Jalin.

I have no idea why my comps are always from my childhood. I may want to talk to a therapist about that.

Ha, no Glenn is a great comp. Thin build, fast guy. Apparently “she” wasn’t as much of a dawg as Hyatt is though.

Wow, top 10, that would be bonkers but that’s where Jamo would have gone without the injury so I can definitely see it. The league loves speed.

That also means we pretty much have no shot of getting him, no way we take a receiver that high I would think.

He will “find a way to win!” Against Northwestern. :rofl:

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