CFB Players to Watch: October 15 Edition

Five players the Detroit News selected to watch in today’s CFB matchups.
As always add your own

Luke Schoonmaker, TE, Michigan
Penn State at Michigan, 12 p.m., Fox

Bryce Young, QB, Alabama
Alabama at Tennessee, 3:30 p.m., CBS

Willie Lampkin, OL, Coastal Carolina
Old Dominion at Coastal Carolina, 12 p.m., ESPNU

Bryan Bresee, DT, Clemson
Clemson at Florida State, 7:30 p.m., ABC

Isaiah Foskey, Edge, Notre Dame
Stanford at Notre Dame, 7:30 p.m., NBC

Max Duggan QB TCU has a chance to put his name on the QB map (maybe even late Day 2) with a big game agains Oklahoma State. Max has all plenty of tools.

That’s an interesting list the writer for the news put out there…

Bresee has been injured constantly for the past 2 years. He burst in the scene as a freshmen, and was ACC DROY- his production has been modest, and he’s missed 60% of the games his sophomore and junior years thus far…

  • Id keep an eye on Keith Randolph Jr from Illinois instead…should be a defensive battle with Minnesota today.

The Lions already have a slightly more athletic version of Schoonmaker on the roster with Hock, and I don’t see an NFL level blocker nor a RAC threat…. I wouldn’t hate him as late round depth, but don’t see any traits that would make him stand out in an nfl position group

  • I’m interest to see what Dalton Kincaid does against USC tonight.

I’m not saying Willie Lampkin from Coastal Carolina isn’t worthy of discussing, but I’m not sure how anyone has really scouted linemen from CC or Old Dominion. Who knows-

  • I will be watching a bit of Andrew Vorhees for USC against Utah…. 5 year player, already has his degree, ideal RG size, and has logged 25 starts at RG, another 12 at LG and even 4 at OT… love the 325 frame and experience all over the OL…. I bet he climbs prior to the draft like Zion Johnson did last year.

I am still all in on Goff unless he proves me wrong by end of year…. If he ends up in the top 10-15 in QB rating and throws 30 or so TDs and 13 or less ints- the. I think we run it back and on his current contract next year….

  • I’m out on Young’s size period. Cannot be swayed. HE WILL NEVER BE A TOP 3-5 NFL QB! I’m not saying he can’t have a decent career, but it won’t be as the #1#5 overall pick with all the pressure and expectations. I could have possibly saw a “Jalen Hurts” or Russ type situation where not as much was expected based on draft spot…. KEEPING AN EYE ON HOOKER AND HARTMAN TODAY-

As for Foskey- not very stout, not very bendy…. Don’t like him standing up in space…. Don’t see him as the big DE on a 4 man line… hoping that’s Paschal, but if not, that is the position we need, not Hutch’s backup rush edge.

  • I prefer Myles Murphy by quite a bit. He’s got some Cam Jordan to his game.

My draft watch-

Will Anderson
Myles Murphy
Jalen Carter
N Sewell
Felix Anudike-Ozumah
Jared Verse
Siaki ika
Clark Phillips
Joey Porter jr
C Kancey
Jack Campbell
Bj Ojulari
Henry To’Oto’O
Gervon Dexter

Andrew Vorhees
Zach charbonet
Dalton Kincaid

Those are the guys I’m watching closely the rest of true year.

Just did a quick sim…

  1. Myles Murphy
  2. Clark Phillips
    My big UFA targets are Daron Payne and Vonn Bell- need a vet safety, need a sure thing at DT and can’t wait 1-2 years for a guy to develops.

I know Payne can go where he wants- PAY HIM!!!

  1. Best RB
  2. Jack Campbell
  3. RG- Andrew Voorhees
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I know that I’ve been annoying about Drew Sanders but I just really think that style of LBer that can both do off the ball stuff and still rush the passer. One other guy that fits that profile is Nick Hampton of App. St. Any thoughts on Hampton, @thats2?

I’ve only just started to hear his name, haven’t really seen much more than a few highlights. Not really enough to form much of a take, but he definitely fits the mold of the guys you like. He doesn’t look very stout so I’d have to dig into his abilities against the run, etc… but certainly a guy worth looking into more.

He makes me very nervous today. He’s mostly been sorta meh throughout his career but man he’s really taken to the Dykes offense. And our secondary is definitely our weakest area, playing a bunch of babies back there. I fully expect a good old-fashioned Big 12-style shootout. 55-52 type of game.

It’s just a list but great book in response.

It isn’t exhaustive just a few players each week. Thus the add your own, but why it was a bad list was well not sure as I stopped reading after a bit.

Duggan was always super talented but he was such a putrid decision maker until this year.

Where does Blake Corum go in the draft ??

Hampton isn’t stout at all. Both he and Sanders are listed at the same weight and despite Frew having an inch or two on him, Sanders definitely looks thicker. Hampton reminds me a bit of DeAngelo Malone pass rush wise but I think he’s longer and perhaps more powerful. The one thing that intrigues me about Hampton is they give him these really ambitious drops in zone blitz scenarios and he seems super rangy. I think he’s got some real coverage potential on top of being a pass rush asset. I like Sanders a lot more but I think he’s got a chance to be a first rounder and Hampton is probably a day three guy.

Sometime on day 2 is my guess. Where on Day 2 probably depends on the combine? That he’s so versatile and so sound in pass protection helps him a lot IMO.

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He sure is prolofic

Btw, does Bret Bielema have life insurance policies on Chase Brown? Sure seems like he’s trying to kill the guy. At this rate he might make a run at 400 carries in a college season.

Jalen Graham at Purdue tonight. LB
Gervon Dexter at Florida. DT

Told you guys Jalin Hyatt was a stud.

Btw, here’s the real reason I like Drew Sanders so much :joy: :point_down:

When Ced Tillman comes back, wow.

Jalin Hyatt is their best WR IMO. All three are really good though. Despite that they still won’t win the East.

And why is it again that everybody hates this guy? I get that he was dogsh!t last year but he’s playing lights out this year.

Ji’Ayir Brown safety for Penn State

Listed at 5’11" so likely shorter than that.

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