CFB Players to Watch: Sept 16 edition

Jer’Zhan Newton, DT, Illinois
No. 7 Penn State at Illinois, Noon, FOX

Johnny Wilson, WR, Florida State
No. 3 Florida State at Boston College, Noon, ABC

Bralen Trice, EDGE, Washington
No. 8 Washington at Michigan State, 5 p.m., Peacock

Jason Marshall Jr., CB, Florida
No. 11 Tennessee at Florida, 7 p.m., ESPN

Aubrey Burks, S, West Virginia
Pitt at West Virginia, 7:30 p.m., ABC


A couple other games -

LSU @ MIss. St. -

Jo’Quavious Marks RB - MIssissippi St. - can he keep the great start going against a much better opponent. He’s an ideal RB 3 target for us in that he’s a day 3 guy that could both fill the Gibbs or the Monty role should either be hit with an injury.

Maason Smith - missed game 1 and not much production against the cupcake. If the production meets the talent he IMO can be the first defender drafted next April.

KSU @ Mizzou

Cooper Beebe - he and Duke’s Graham Barton fit us to a T in that they are OTs that could play there in a pinch but are likely to be absolute stud Guards at the next level. Not sure if we want to go OL as high as it likely takes to get Beebe (and probably Barton as well)

South Carolina @ Georgia

Xavier Leggett - great profile for an X. Finally is seeing production that lines up with the athletic talent. Big and fast, with a good game against Georgia he could see himself vaulted into the high end X WR conversation with guys Ike Adonai Mitchell and Keon
KSU @ Mizzou

Arian Smith - Carson Beck and he started to get their bearings last week. Freaky fast. 10.3 and HS and nearly broke 10 seconds in an SEC meat. Seems to have decent enough hands. Probably more of a Z WR so he may be Jamo redundant but I remain a big fan as I’m a sucker for that kind of speed.

Overall a crappy week of games.

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Jeff Risdon with 8 under the radar prospects to watch:

Tory Horton, WR, Colorado State
Kurtis Rourke, QB, Ohio
Darius Robinson, DT, Missouri
David Hoage, OLB, Northern Colorado
Easton Gibbs, LB, Wyoming
Michael Hiers, QB, Samford
Kimani Vidal, RB, Troy
Jabbar Muhammad, CB, Washington

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Speaking of Olinemen. I’ll be keeping an eye on LT Javon Foster-Missouri. He’s been lights out to start the season

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This guy is intriguing, long & fast but random drops of the football. I’ve always thought correcting hands is difficult, but one trait that can definitely be developed if a guy works hard enough at it

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I will keep an eye out. Detroit kid it seems.

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How fast is Wilson really? In particular I’m curious what his ten yard split might be. I always get a bit skeptical of WRs with outlier builds to that extent.


If I was a betting man, slow 10 yard split, fast 40 yard dash guy. He seems like a build up speed type prospect.

Overall as a prospect he’s a pass for me, but I 100% get why people are intrigued by him

It will be interesting to see when the time comes what the replacement plan is for Decker as LT for the Lions. Sewell bumps over to LT most likely-but who is the new body at OT

Great OT class. Though I get that nobody likes the idea of sitting a 1st rounder for a year.

I’m also not sure that Brad and Dan aren’t conspiring to keep the whole OL together.

If we have to lose one I think Jonah makes the most sense.


Personally I have zero problem with a 1st round OT that plays OG for a season or two if that puts the best 5 on the field in the meantime until it’s time for that person to bump out.

It will be interesting to see what direction they go with Jonah. I expect the investment in Oline to continue, it’s what’s really making this offense to tick up to this point

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Out of the four elite guys Latham probably fits that the best. But he seems rather unlikely to make it to the 20s.

Kingsley Suamataia?

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I am definitely more interested in Keon Coleman than Wilson…


I wouldn’t hate it if we considered a T with G versatility AND a C with G versatility. Especially if we let Jonah go. The former can be our swing tackle and fight for the G spot in training camp, the latter can fight for the G spot in training camp and backup Ragnow.

Sorsdal can fight for the guard spot in training camp as well.

Because having Big V’s replacement in-house is forward-thinking, and having someone who can step in for Frank if something goes wrong with his foot is good planning, and like Big V, Glasgow doesn’t have a ton of years left either.

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Sure. But if he runs sub 4.5 I think he goes very, very high. Perhaps I’m off on that. To me he seems to be on a trajectory to be WR2 in this draft.


When Arian Smith blazes high 4.2s, he’s gonna be in that conversation. Speed always is. Especially if he has a productive season this year.

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I do love me some Arian Smith. Seems like he and Beck are getting close to having things dialed in. He may have some massive games soon.

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Wilson with a nice grab, going high to catch it with two hands and getting one foot inbounds before going out.

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Coleman should have caught that one.


Yes speed always valued the highest. Here’s where I have a problem with it. When it over inflates someone’s value as a player. It’s pretty common for average players to be over valued due to their speed. Actually far too common in football.

If you’re fast & good at football I want you. If you’re fast & average at football I am passing all day to take the other guy who isn’t “fast” but good at football.

FYI: non of my comments are directly related to A Smith as I haven’t watched him as a prospect yet