CFB Players to Watch: Sept 16 edition

Teams quit throwing at Cooper DeJean, he may fall because or it. Not just solid in coverage, he also returned 5 punts for 77 yards and had a coverage tackle on a punt return for 0 yards.

Right now, he is my favorite non-WR prospect for us. Especially if we let CJGJ go.

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We better not let CJGJ go. His attitude is crucial IMO. You can tell that Philly misses it. He’s also a fabulous player to boot.

I’d still love DeJean. I don’t think outside CB is his best position but I still think he can be plus out there.

But if he tests like he’s expected to (and his HS basketball highlights suggest he will) then he seems likely to be one of the very first defenders selected.

I still want to take a crack at Maason Smith even acknowledging the fact that for him to make it to us means his production continues to be middling.

But I don’t have to deal with the repercussions of high risk, high reward moves failing.

Cooper is nice bc it’s both low risk and high upside. But I think NFL clubs know that which will keep him from falling too far. And again I’m presuming freaky workout numbers.

You are all over every thing (I bet not many have seen his hoops highlights), man were his basketball highlights fun to watch when he was a prospect in HS. So criminally under recruited

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This guy on the 247 website pretty much described exactly how I feel about Edwards. So I’ll just post him here…

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I enjoy watching clips of future pros abusing regular high school kids. My favorite brand of cruelty I guess.


I agree with this for the most part, but I also feel like he tends to eventually wear out his welcome. I think that’s what happened with his former teams. Being around a guy who’s pinned at 100mph all the time isn’t easy. Really hyper guys tend to have high highs and low lows. And if we ever start to struggle what is now advantageous could become the opposite. I’ll never forget the reports of his practice fights with Michael Thomas.

Properly managed, though, he is a major asset, and I do believe Campbell and Glenn are uniquely suited to do that (and I think Anzalone helps as well). I also believe if you show this guy the love (re: money), you will get much love in return. But if he feels like he’s been betrayed, he’ll turn on you in a second.

Overall I think he brings much more good than bad, but if we opted not to re-sign him I’d understand.


He was one of my favorite options for us before the season started, but I’m starting to worry he doesn’t have the Brad Holmes stuff. Thankfully I’m also starting to believe iDL isn’t as dire a need for us as I feared, especially if Levi continues his comeback.

There were financial reasons as well IMO. But yeah I do think those kind of guys can be exhausting.

I would tend to agree on Maason. Either he shows the fire and likely the production that will come with it, or he puts Brad in a position where he will likely pass.

You said non-WR of course and that would be my first inclination. See if depth or a riser causes a Nabors or Egbuka to fall. Nabors and the gun play might be an issue for us though. I’ll also wait and see on how the CB class develops. Someone like Wiggins is intriguing to me (assuming that both Kool-Aid and Cooper are gone.

I feel confident that a WR prospect who probably would have been #1 in the 2023 class will be available to us with our 1st round pick. In might not be the glove-fit X we need, but there will be someone.

Just as I was getting super bullish on Coleman he lays an egg. A reminder to not overreact to the first few weeks. Still plenty of time to bounce back.

Did you watch BYU-ARK? Curious how Kingsley played?

@CuriousHusker ….

have you watched much of Joshua Gray from Oregon State?

He seems to move well based on the trick play they ran yesterday…
and I know they have been successful running the ball in the past few years and he is considered a good run blocker.
Saw he is 6-4 and 305 so thought he might fit your idea for a college LT that might be better suited to be a OG in the NFL.

Yes. And I like him a lot. He and Steven Jones are two instate OL that I’ve thought to be interesting day three OL prospects. But I think Gray may be able to stay at LT in which case he may see day 2. He came in at 235 pounds so much like the TE converts he’s got movement skills. Coach Michalczik does an awesome job with OSU’s so as an older well coached, four year starter Gray is probably ready to go right away. Conversely less projection though he can continue to get stronger.

Jones is more OG though he’s played OT reasonably well at times. Better athlete than most 345 pound guys. Oregon is pretty loaded on the offensive line in general IMO. Just don’t necessarily see the underclassmen yet being highly thought of enough to declare.

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I didn’t, which is too bad. Looks like it was a good game.

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