CFB Players to Watch: Sept 17 Edition

Each Saturday during the college football season, we’ll highlight five prospects with locally televised matchups who could be a fit for the Detroit Lions in the 2023 NFL Draft, based on projected needs.

Sean Tucker, RB, Syracuse
Purdue at Syracuse, 12 p.m., ESPN2
Williams contract is up

Noah Sewell, LB, Oregon
No. 12 BYU at No. 25 Oregon, 3:30 p.m., FOX
LB enuff said

Joey Porter Jr., CB, Penn State
No. 22 Penn State at Auburn, 3:30 p.m., CBS

Tyler Van Dyke, QB, Miami
No. 13 Miami (Fla.) at No. 24 Texas A&M, 9 p.m., ESPN
Does Goff go does he stay…replacement/backup

Andrew Vorhees, G, USC
Fresno State at No.7 USC, 10:30 p.m., FOX
Decision on Vaitai makes G a position to watch


This guy balls out every time I watch Penn State

I am a huge Noah Sewell fan. The fact that he is Penei’s brother is just a bonus. That guy is exactly what I picture a “perfect” linebacker to be. I don’t think he will ever be as good as Ray Lewis. But from a physical attribute standpoint…if you took Ray Lewis into a lab and increased his agility, speed and quickness…that’s the package Noah Sewell is working with. Tall without being “too tall.” Heavy without being “too heavy.” And he’s got instincts for days. You can tell he’s a real football player that can take meaningful practice reps at other positions like CB and WR (like Micah Parsons).

If we could land Noah I think we’d have the anchor to our LB core for the next 8 years.


Porter Jr is a guy I would imagine Glenn and Campbell would love he is a dog for sure!!

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The other OR LB is also worth watching in that game today. He is coming back from injury iirc and was highly thought of prior to that.

Joey vs Purdue… “Joey Porter Jr. had 6 forced incompletions against Purdue. This means he is tied for the record for incompletions in a game among Power 5 CBs since PFF started keeping track of college football in 2014.”

Mazi Smith, Michigan

Virginia vs Old Dominion Zach Kuntz is having a slow start this year, but the TE who was a Nittany Lion transfer had over 700 yards receiving last year for Old Dominion. I’m not in favor of extending Hock at this moment.

Ced Tillman, Tennessee

Unfortunately this staff doesn’t seem to be interested in taking a LB early, so we can watch Sewell and Campbell and simply wonder what could have been. A later round option would be a guy like Cam Jones from Indiana, he had 12 tackles already in a game vs Illinois.


Trenton Simpson-LB, Clemson
Henry To’oTo’o-LB, Alabama

Both these guys can run, but would probably require higher draft capital

I want to see how Youngstown State RB Jaleel McLaughlin looks against Kentucky. He looks electric on what little tape of him I can find, if that holds up against SEC athleticism he’ll move up boards a lot. (He struggled last year against Michigan State, so it’s his last best chance).

South Carolina CB Cam Smith is one of my favorite CBs in the draft and gets to line up against Georgia. Should be worth watching.

Asa Turner the safety from Washington should get a good test against Michigan State.


O’Connell to Charlie Jones today is incredible. 26 catches for 336 yards in 3 games and we’re not even to half time today.

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Brock Bowers just got his 3rd TD of the day for Georgia.


This kid wearing zero for UConn has my interest. He seems like he has pretty good speed for an end.

Yeah it’s too bad he’s not eligible this year, not that we really need to draft TE as high as he’s gonna go again. Push other guys down though.

Just hit him again

Some ugly games so far. Nebraska is trash. Uconn is trash. South Carolina is trash. Just a ton of trash

Syracuse and Purdue had a good game, but yeah otherwise it was a whole bunch of 45-3 games

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Ending of the game was trash by Purdue. They totally melted down mentally. What an implosion. All started by Durham. Just STFU and they probably win the game.


No kidding!

Although that last pass interference call I thought was a little questionable… i suppose it was PI but I could’ve seen that one bing let go. Also not sure how the Syracuse receiver got hurt on that

But yeah agree, had Purdue just shut up that probably never happens

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Durham takes the personal foul, then a coach takes one. Both on the extra fucking point where you take the lead by 4 points? Under a minute left and you force yourself to kickoff from your own 10!

Then take more fouls after Syracuse takes the lead back. Syracuse kicked off from what, the Purdue 35?

Pure stupidity.


He is a guy that I am going to be keeping my eye on as he grows and learns.

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I remember the first week of the season someone said something to the effect of “Purdue is going to Purdue. Never bet on them under any circumstance unless they are playing __________.” I can’t remember the team they named.

I have certainly learned my lesson. This is the second time THIS SEASON that I have lost money on Purdue in games they had were in control at the end…and then “Purdue’d.” Next time I will play the odds and earn some free money on the other team.