CGJ is tough , will he be back for playoffs?

Pardon me occifer. I swear to drunk I’m not god.


Whose mocking you? You are speaking as though you are coming from a place of authority. And you are contradicting what a dr with a degree from an ivy league school and a who went to UofM medical school is saying…that it is possible that CJGJ could possibly be back by the beggining of December.

That said, I am curious as to what your background is. If you are believing me to be mocking you, that is on you and your insecurity.

loved this commercial…. :laughing:

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At least stand by what you said. Maybe you are going to be right. It is not mocking a person to ask their background when they contradict a medical professional with the background like Dr Jim Liao. For all we know you could be an ortho surgeon or a physical therapist and have heavy experience with this recovery time…

I hope he is back and makes a big splash in our run at a Super Bowl. If he shows enough maybe another team will throw some big money his way and we get a comp pick out of it. I don’t see us bringing him back long term.

The whispers are that both sides want to stay together…he asked for a 1 year deal to get s bigger deal w us or another team this spring.

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Just hope he doesn’t come back too soon.

Obv a lot of ‘machismo’ in pro football culture - and CGJ seems to have more than his fair share of testosterone even by NFL standards.

Yet another thing to appreciate about DC: toughness and grit, yes, but ALSO seems to care about the welfare of the human beings he leads, not just as athletes. The regime seems to be conservative in bringing guys back, and that was true even when they were hurting for bodies and talent not so long ago.


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I think he comes back. I’ve had injuries, and it’s on so many levels. Like you can play and still be screwed up.

I wasn’t aware of the physician’s comments and I wasn’t aware of the video of CJGJ working out. Those are great things to see - I’m encouraged to see those and they definitely change my mind a bit.

It’s not about “standing by what I said”, it’s about enjoying discussions that help to formulate an opinion. In this case, the new information has changed by opinion (which never was / never will be a “high and mighty” opinion - I’m all about changing my mind). I’m not going to stand by what I said, dig in, and get in a pissing match over something where my opinion is fluid.

When certain posters got involved and started to turn it into a discussion I prefer to not be a part of I’d simply prefer to exit the convo than try to push boulders uphill. I’m just trying to talk Lions and have some fun on here.


I watched that interview and the mutant gene line was in response to him coming back in 2 weeks. Not this season

I think he’s back late December

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