Chances That The Lions Get Compensatory Pick(s) in 2024 Draft?

Assess the Lions roster, channel Brad Holmes, and imagine his urgency for 2023 versus the future. What’s your best guess about compensatory picks in 2024?

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I will take the under. There are no big money FAs leaving this team currently outside MAYBE Chark, and I certainly see them adding at least one FA to cancel that out

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I can see us getting a 4th from DJ chark if he walks
or 5th Evan Brown if he gets a Glasgow contract same for Deshon if he goes?

My guess 5 for Evan Brown. Also 6 , 7

Guys to walk:

Evan Brown
Will Harris
Alex Anzalone

Austin Bryant
Amani O
Josh Woods. ?
Justin Jackson ?

Those guys would cancel our our low key signings.
guys that are cut don’t count

I’m sure when Holmes sees the market he will plan accordingly.

2024 we get a
5 Evan Brown
6 Will Harris
7 Alex Anzalone

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Does losing Glenn and/or Duce and/or Agnew count? Because I think we’ll start to lose those guys going forward and get comp picks in return. If they do I’d put it around 20%.

The above, coaching staff and front office, was where my first thoughts went not the players.


I was thinking only about the balance between us signing other team’s FAs and other teams signing our FAs.

FWIW, I think losing Ray Agnew would hurt us more than losing Glenn or Duce.


has duce or agnew had any interviews?

i think we’re getting AA back. maybe a 5th if brown leaves, don’t think we’re signing any high profile guys. AO might fetch more if he doesn’t have to play man.

If we lose Glenn i think its a third this year an a third in 2024

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Yeah that’s right, but it has to be by a certain point, otherwise it’s pushed back further. Same with the other two guys (though we don’t seem to be in any danger of losing them).


I think it will be announced after this weekend the first week leading to Super Bowl is quiet an league likes the last week to be about Bowl.

So we should hear by or during first week after this weekend.

Also the league year ends after SB I think if AG is named by then we would get the third this year .

I’m guessing that DJ Chark, Evan Brown and Alex Anzalone will sign with bigger contracts with other teams. All need to maximize this payday despite liking our environment: Chark because of a weak UFA class, Evan Brown because he could be a starting center with another team, and Analzone because Jarrad Davis got $5M a couple years ago fer gawds sake.

I think Brad will bend a bit more for Elliott and possibly Harris too.

If Brad signs an UFA from another team on the first day of free agency, I’ll eat my shorts and yours. Instead he’ll be choosy soon after, maybe cancelling out Chark with a LB signing, maybe none at all until after the draft with no compensatory consequences. So I say…