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I liked the idea of having Goff as the starting QB rather than a rookie, or vet backup. And, I actually like a lot of things that he can do in the short pass game. I thought we could win with him.

Two glaring issues I see going forward. He simply fumbles too often when pressured. Maybe there are some stats to prove me wrong, but he looks like a fumble waiting to happen. These are game killers.

Secondly, not completing deep shots is going to make it easier for other teams to game plan to stop our run game. That’s an issue.

I think these are both going to be difficult for him to correct. If mini McVeigh couldn’t do it, it’s doubtful the Lions can.

The fumbles are a concern for sure. It’s difficult to get a good assessment of Goff though with this current WR group. It was a weak unit before the season started and then we lost the 2 best WR’s we had with Ty Williams in week 1 and now Cephus for the season. When you are a pocket passer like Goff, WR’s need to be getting some separation on routes to give him a shot to be successful.

St. Brown has shown an ability to get open a bit the past 2 weeks. I was hoping to see more out of Benson.

The Fumble Sunday came from his blind side rookie whiffing on #97, He’s lucky he can walk. I can live with with a fumble under those circumstances. Now the Rookie tackle on the other hand, looked like a a full fledged rookie.


The last game and a half Goff has not had Ragnow.
At least one of the fumbles was on Ragnow, too. Goff wasn’t even behind center.
Still, it’s hard not to be concerned.

I think Goff needs to build some chemistry with his Wr’s. Hodge was with him for a little while in La I guess and they seem to be on the same page a little more than the rest. My biggest concern is we can’t push to ball down the field at all. I put a lot of that on Goff but would be nice to see some of our receivers actually open down the field.

Dude fumbles every time someone gives him a dirty look. He needs to work on focus and hand strength. IMO, this can be corrected. Will he correct it? Dunno.

Yes. I see more talent around him as big help, on this. Keep in mind, we are running more heavy-to-max protect stuff than most realize. We have lots of backups and ppl playing out of position on our OL, right now. This should improve, theoretically. Time will tell. I have concerns as well.

He can improve his hand strength, and should. He can hedge against fumbling. He doesn’t appear to have a warrior’s spirit, IMO. Hope I’m wrong, and still rooting for him. I was expecting some early trouble in the passing game, but not the panicking that he seems to be doing. Rodney Peete used to jump on the ground and go fetal, when he saw a sack coming. Goff leans that direction.

In his defense, we’re used to watching Stafford. Goff needs to load up and throw with good form, where Stafford was much stronger and could just wing it with his arm strength. This impacts ability to throw from different situations. Goff does seem to be solid at throwing on designed roll outs, but when trouble comes, he is horrendous about throwing the ball away, taking massive sacks for losses (3 so far this year that were massive, where the ball could have just as easily been thrown away). Maybe he’s afraid to fling it because he is aware of his own propensity to fumble. The fumbles are costing us games. 3 fumbles for loss, in 5 games. All QBs throw some ugly picks, and Goff has some of those too. The picks can improve more easily, but the fumbles are like WTF? The massive sacks are like WTF?

We need him to be more confident. The Defense is gonna start to get pissed, if he keeps putting them in terrible situations, or flat failing, when put in good position all for naught.

I hope he can improve, and I’m rooting for him, but I’m starting to get frustrated w/him. This team is improving, and Goff needs to do the same.

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This is the least of my concerns. If the game plan was to throw deep, they would have been throwing deep all preseason, OTAs. You need reps to get the throw right. You would have seen plays run with no checkdown with the outlet being an out of bounds throw. The coaching staff seems to have no interest in a downfield game being a big part of our offense, for whatever reason.

As far as the fumbles are concerned. That’s what happens when you are getting blasted every few plays. Goff is the 2nd most blitzed and hit QB in the league right now (behind Carr). And Carr is sitting on 4 fumbles right now (to Goffs 5, I don’t really count the direct snap to the Bears D).


Good point actually. Sacks that are for 10+ yards are almost equal to a turnover with our dink and dunk offense.

So basically what I am hearing, is that I need to chill out and wait for the oline to get back to full strength, and for him to get more time with his below average group of receivers.

I agree with that. But would still like to see him take the bull by the horns and cut down on some of the drive ending plays …

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I can’t wait until we get our LT back.

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Will be interesting if Tyrell Williams can help get a few deep shots when he returns.

The fumbles are a concern, especially if they play at Chicago or Green Bay late in the year.

I do agree that the recent fumbles are more on the O-line… and hope that Sewell’s play will improve when his ankle is better. He looked much better in week 1 than he has in past 2 games… so not sure if the injury is the biggest factor? To be clear… not concerned for the long term… he will be really good.

Some of you cats know football better than me. I hope you’re right, but that isn’t how I feel. I don’t remember the exact hits, but I know how I felt when they happened. I remember thinking one of the fumbles was probably justifiable. Maybe any of them, as a stand-alone. All 3 of them, and the lack of physicality that it took to separate him from the ball. That’s what’s concerning for me. I’m reading his energy back there. He gets to be MUCH stronger and less panicked.

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From memory:
-Wet ball fumbled snap (GB)
-Wet ball fumbled pass while cranking back to pass (No contact) (GB)
-Ragnow early snap (CHI)
-Free rusher from the blindside with contact to the arm (CHI)
-Inside the pocket while trying to make a play ball slapped out of hand, picks it up and runs (CHI)
-Waist tackle by the Vikings D (MIN)

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I really didn’t have an issue, until this week.
It feels like it’s getting out of hand.
Appreciate your memory being MUCH better than mine.

The talent on this Lions team is so bad that the Lions need to take the BPA in the draft. Replacing Goff with a Mahomes or Josh Allen would be a good pick.

But those guys are hard to find. And it looks like this draft will make that harder. The Lions’s situation should dictate that they take someone besides a quarterback. They’re just so bad everywhere!

Goff’s biggest problem to me is processing the game and just getting better at finding the defenses’ weaknesses. The throw on 4th & 1 last week against the Bears was disappointing when Cephus broke open in the middle of the field. And that play looked really similar to the 4th & 1 (or 2?) the Lions missed against the Packers.

He also looked a beat late on the Kendricks int on Sunday. And you can’t be late over the middle of the field in the NFL.


Gotta stay healthy to do that.


100% agree w/all of this, man. I’m scared of drafting QBs too. I’m not at all convinced we can upgrade from Goff. IMO, the best way to upgrade from Goff is for Goff to improve.

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Detroit’s roster is so bad. They are still a long ways away. I hope a QB really starts to light it up and someone wants to move up to #1 to take one (I believe we will hold that pick). Take the haul, if offered, and continue to build the culture. We aren’t one draft away, we need all the help we can get.

I hope we don’t rush to take a QB. Build a team first, then take your shot at a rookie QB, in 2023.

Dream scenario: we get pick #1, trade it for more future assets. Hit on a few impact players in next years draft. Head into 2023 with a ton of picks, and get our QB then.


That’s true but his second had was so close to the ball. Good technique there and he likely maintains control. When he brings it down in the pocket he’s got to get that second hand on it.

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My biggest thing is I need to see that this coaching staff is ready to develop a QB. Here’s where I’m at. If the quality of the offense is steadily improving and then suddenly hits a talent plateau, then we say we are in a position where we can upgrade pieces. Right, now we are debilitated by injuries with an offense that has no chemistry together. It’s like trying to rehearse a play when half the cast can’t read the script.

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Chicago has the worst offense in the NFL and they are 3-2.

If Detroit had Chicago’s defense we’d be 3-2 or likely better (more offensive possession would have our offense even ranked higher).

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