**Chargers vs Raiders TNF thread**

Let’s get it on!

Anyone else notice the Chargers have a QB named Herbert that pronounces totally different than the retired Saints QB named Herbert?

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Gruden’s wearing an Oakland Raiders hat :joy:

Chargers really messed up taking a QB in the 1st and getting rid of an elite aging vet QB.

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Wow. Mariota looking amazing. 27 years young, 4.5 speed and nice touch on his passes. I was stunned we didnt grab him as a backup. I scratched my head a lot when we passed that opportunity up. Seems like he would of been right up Bevells alley. We took Chase Daniel instead. Smh.


The two biggest fan bases in sports are Charger fans in Los Angeles and Raider fans in Vegas

Looking at time lines

He was signed 16 March by LA

Chase wasn’t released until 13 March

I think also that Mariota didn’t necessarily want to come here - opinion but I bet it’s a good one…

Still - happy for him as he is balking it tonight

I don’t like that Badgley fella. He’s messing with our Super Bowl.

Nice win Herbert. Happy for him yet infuriates me that we didnt draft him.

And on top of it all. I read this today

Herbert is alot better than I would have imagined. I just hope Okudah’s rookie year was a huge anomaly. Otherwise, he’s just another Jarrad Davis - a very good college player, with a great attitude that makes him very draftable, but without the skills that make him special in the pro’s. Which means that Quinn had one OK first round pick - Ragnow.

Hockenson isn’t good?

He’s good. It’s just tough for TE to justify being picked so high, because it’s been a historically lower value position, and there are a lot of TE’s balling out right now that were drafted much lower, or UDFA.

So yes, good player. And it might turn out to be a pretty good pick.

I think Quinn drafted Decker as well, yeah? If so, I would say he hit on Decker, Ragnow, and Hock. After round one he was hit and miss (like most GMs) but perhaps far too many misses, especially in round 2.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t hated his drafts but also haven’t loved them. He drafted fairly safely which added some solid guys to the roster. The problem is that he never really hit on his riskier but with higher ceiling picks that you need to pay off every now and again. Add in some misses in Free Agency and terrible decision to change both coach and culture mid stream and we were left with a mediocre team with a low ceiling potential and a fractured culture.

yes, he drafted Decker, who has been OK. What’s ironic is that he didn’t draft any pro-bowlers except Agnew on special teams, which kinda doesn’t count…but now that he’s fired, Ragnow and Hock might make it. The real tragedy was this year, with two QB’s sitting there, yet everyone knew he was drafting the CB. He had no clue how to play it, even when he had the leverage.

Herbert with that second reach -huh? nice effort and a game-winning score.