Chargers waive former 1st round DL Jerry Tillery

Any chance the Lions take a look at this guy? I don’t know much about him, but he’s gotta be better than Brockers.

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I would but holmes doesn’t go for guys who could help. Unless your last name is Benson

Four Chargers defenders finished the game with a grade of at least 80. James, outside linebacker Khalil Mack, defensive lineman Morgan Fox and defensive tackle Jerry Tillery — who had the highest grade of all players in the Bolts defense with 92.7 — all led the way on defense.

Has a 61.4 PFF grade on the season.

In contrast, Benito Jones has a 41 and Isaiah Biggs a 41.5.

I’d think he be worth a look.

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Like Josh Reynolds?

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Worth a claim. He had 4.5 sacks and 14 QB hits last year. That’s way better than any Lions DT’s did last year.


Holmes should make this move. It can’t hurt.


We could put a large traffic pylon at DT, that would be more effective than Brockers. At least the players might trip over the pylon and the pylon would be quite cheap to acquire.


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Ah, #91 Chicane. I could recognize him from a mile away.

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His cap hit is relatively low, so I’d be all for the move.

Re you suggesting…Holmes should claim a player for 1/2 of a season… and pay him about $1 million he is due for remainder of this season… when he will be a free agent after season…
and has a back injury???..…

That will go over well here…

Not another back injury…lol now you know we are claiming him for sure!

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Im not the only one who says give it a chance, but cool and good for you. I dont sit around all day and look up things

To be fair….

I wonder if he has a “Jalen Ramsey” back injury?

He was inactive last week with a “back injury”…
but seems to be waived **without an injury designation **!!!

Hmmm…. maybe he just quit on the team???


The press release said that he missed practice for “personal reasons” not injury, so I wonder if there’s something else going on of a legal or personal nature.

The rumors pre-draft were he didn’t love football, wasn’t a hard worker, etc… I don’t know if that’s how it played out in LA but he definitely put up some OK numbers.

He doesn’t have to love football, but if he doesn’t he has to love money.


Agreed 100%. Just be a pro and earn that money.

Does he have any crippling injuries? Something like that would be a lock