Chase Claypool to the Bears

For a second. Bears overpaid. Good day so far.


They have to pay Claypool after 2023 and he’s basically a gadget guy in Megatron’s body. Pitt did really well with that trade.

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I would have never imagined Claypool was worth more than Hock….

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He’s younger with a smaller contract with more contract left on the bone at a higher valued position with higher production rates and a higher upside. If his QB situation this year wasn’t a dumpster fire he would have fetched even more.



He is a bit of a million dollar athlete… with a 10 cent head.


As a WR he’s Matt Jones without the cocaine addiction.


I feel like Chase and Justin will be fun. As long as they aren’t playing us. Deal comes down to how exactly mental is Claypool because he is pretty talented.

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While that is true the Bears also overpaid

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With some of the dumb things Claypool has done…
are we sure there is no cocaine addiction??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I figured that he just listened to too much Primus


I’m not sure how you can determine that without any reference points.

Hock is 25 and Claypool is 24?

Nope they are both unrestricted FAs after next year. Same contract length.

Hock has been to a Pro Bowl, Claypool is a middling starter

How is this not true for Hock as well

Other than that I totally agree lol. Lions fan can convince themselves everything is great in real time. People on here thought the Slay and Diggs trades were great too in real time. Flush the turds! In Patricia we trust!

“Statistically speaking, Claypool’s first two NFL seasons were almost identical in every category with one major exception: touchdowns. He found the end zone on nine of 107 targets (8.4% TD rate) as a rookie, but scored on just two of 104 targets (1.9%) in 2021. The 2020 second-round pick’s reception total, yardage, catch rate, off-target rate, yards per reception, yards per target and even his end zone targets (seven in 2020, eight in 2021) were about the same both seasons, but the scoring dip dropped him from 23rd to 37th in fantasy points at WR. Ben Roethlisberger’s late-career falloff was an obvious culprit and, though the Steelers’ QB situation remains shaky, Claypool is still on the rise at age 23 and has great size at 6-foot-4, 238 pounds. Especially with JuJu Smith-Schuster gone, Claypool is, at worst, a flex.”

From, you know, watching Chase Claypool play football.

Its one of many metrics of value teams will use, and Claypool has the edge in nearly every one of them.

Great! Now address the dollar values owed to each individual.

All it did was make his option year more expensive. :see_no_evil:

Are you saying Stafford was a dumpster fire?

I think with Chase Claypool its bigger than just Lions fan. Alot of people from all over the map trusted him for their fantasy football teams this year. There is a major recency bias going on, and they are forgetting how he looked prior to this year. Comments like “he’s just a gadget player” were not spoken until the shitty 2022 Steelers team rolled into town. Prior to that it was “OMG I wanted Claypool in the draft…how did we miss picking him! Our GM is so STUPID!”

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Claypool also looks like an immature asshat who rubs the locker room the wrong way, wguch is the opposite of Hock. But as you said different people use different metrics. 24 vs 25 lol.

All good man, I was just pointing out the in-accuracies in your post which clearly wasn’t welcomed. Moving on.

Talent increase.



Chase is a big guy w a catch radius that will probably help Fields…though so was AR3…

Mooney is a total boom bust guy…small. deep routes…mmmm…they still need The Guy for Fields

Bears gave up their own 2nd rounder…

and NOT the Ravens pick they just got for Roquan.

Oh :poop::poop::poop::poop:

The fact that Chase was valued higher in a trade is a fact. Being a dick doesn’t change that.

Yes, that was literally how this started. Me pointing out the Bears valuing Claypool higher than Hock didn’t make sense to me. Believe it or not, opinions are literally the entire reason this place exists. You shared your thoughts on why I was wrong, I rebuked, and you’ve now resorted to name calling because someone doesn’t agree. Typical Den behavior :joy:

Also interesting - the Bears seem to value Claypool higher than Smith. I’m not sure I agree with that either. Come to think of it… I actually don’t agree with most things the Bears do lol. They strike me as a poorly run franchise that’s basically irrelevant. I have no problem questioning their moves instead of labeling them the holy Trinity of “right” when it comes to personnel evaluations.