Chase Daniel to sign with Lions


There’s our backup.

Big upgrade from driskell


When he plays, he’s been pretty good:

But he really hasn’t played much.

I like it. Insurance is like women, if you want more you pay more. And more. And more. And … well you know.

I love this move.

I’m down with this move, got a decent back up.

Nice. I like getting a guy who can provide detailed insight into our NFCN rivals. He not only knows the nuances of the Chicago offense and defense, but he also prepares for GB and the Vikings twice per year. I also like a vet backup when you have a vet franchise QB. A young guy can’t help a guy like Stafford very much at all. A vet can because they have a much more advanced view of the game, not just drinking from the fire hose trying to not throw a pick six on a coverage they’ve never seen before.


Welllllllll, a move on the cheap. Can’t be worse than what the team offered as back-up last year. Might even be a significant upgrade, albeit, a guy who might not get a snap.

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Excellent points. I think he is a solid back-up.

Lets face it if Stafford goes down for the season so do our chances, but for a couple games Chase could hold us up.


We needed a credible back up QB and we got a credible back up QB. Hard to not like this move.


The way I look at it is, “The Den strikes again”!

The Den made enough noise, where people noticed!! So don’t burst my bubble!!


Solid signing in my book and much needed too.

The Lions just couldn’t afford not to have a quality backup.

Finally a signing of BQ’s that isn’t questionable.


Wait, this signing is for a decent back-up QB, and it seems like a good deal. What am I missing? Now go get the other Chase on draft day.

We haven’t heard from Iggy in this thread, so good move confirmed.


I’m surprised you aren’t crying that the Lions used actual resources on a QB. They could’ve used those valuable dollars on your favourite: Andrew “top 10 pick” Billings.

Daniel can win games in this league. I mean, Patricia made him look like Pat Mahomes last year. Solid back up that can fill in for several games if need be.

Won’t matter much now though that our weak O Line has gotten even worse. We now have Ragnow and a bunch of below average bodies.

Should have just traded Stafford for Kaeppernick “straight up” right? FTR I’ve always been an advocate for NOT spending draft picks on QB’s when you have a franchise QB. This was my type of move. Again, I missed on Billings. Guilty. My list of those who I’ve hit on however is legion. ODB when he was rated as a 2nd round pick. Jamal Charles when he was. Alvin Kamara when most here were saying he couldn’t even start full time for Tennessee the list goes on and on. My rating on Billings is > to your rating on Kaep who is UNEMPLOYED pal, so pound sand.

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Don’t forget Mike Glennon and Johnny Manziel…

The signing is okay, but I hope this doesnt stop us from drafting a QB. Legit question, but why couldnt they wait till after the draft to sign Chase? Its not like he had a huge market for him.

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