Check out this mock draft I just pulled off

Sure we give up 48 and 192 this year, both 3s next year, and a 2 and a 4 in 2025, but this is an infusion of talent that can push this team over the top.

What do you guys think?

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That I stopped reading after a trade. LOL. They’re fun, but so unrealistic. I’d be ecstatic with Ramsey Witherspoon and Branch though. Not crazy about the rest of the draft, but man would the back end be so much better.


You copy me?

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Oh boy…this is where we’re at now

Hey, at least my trades don’t give us 27 extra picks over the next 2 drafts and leave us walking out having made 14 6th round selections.

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At edge, we have Hutch, Houston, Comisky, Paschal, Harris, Okwara, and Okwara. There is a possibility that Brad almost takes edge off his board, becsuse we’re potentially set there.


For now we have them. When FA hits, they may be wanting some cap space and looking squarely at Harris or Rokwara for that.

I agree on edge…unless Anderson drops to 6, I don’t think we need to see edge until Brad’s Magical 6th Round Mystery Tour

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I mean


I wasn’t sure if this was a joke or not.
Sorry brother, I can’t get down with that draft.

Austin Powers No GIF

No. I like Witherspoon. That’s about it.

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grade says it all

D+ was your grade! Common now.

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disagree we really only have 4 off edge if we sign comish Harris, Okwara, and Okwara those three has many questions.

Your forgetting Hutch an Comish would switch an cause more problems well what happens when you do same with a draft pick like Tyree \Wilson an Pascal or Wilson an Hutch with McNeal an Comish with Houston or Romeo one coming of edge or both at times an the could switch with the snap.

I would take Carter but if not i would take Murphy or Wilson an cause problems both ends of DL

IMO you win by making the QB uncomfortable if not sacked You seldom win by just stopping only run game. we did well on run game except for running QBs

We can stop that with like another Hutch on other end. an turn inside guys lose up middle Wilson his fast we will see how fast at combine.

Perfect break for Lions D Lines is Levi is healthy he with McNeal an Pascal an Comish would provide that inside contain an push might include Buggs also in that group

A lot is dependent on schemes and looks too.

But like the OL, you cant pay everyone.

Buggs and Commish warrant and get real bumps.

Rokawara and Harris are 10% of the cap and may not get a 50% snap share combined…which would dwarf this year’s

Everyone Read that again.

Hutch isnt making pennies, he’s on a 2OA contract.

Cutting Jokwara would be more of a butts for seats move than $ move if it were to happen.

You have 3 returning LB in Rodrigo Barnes and Woods. We are assuming Board is back, and Pittman and a good chance $StoreThor is too.

Now add Hutch Houston Alim Levi Buggs Benito Rokwara Jokwara Harris and Commish.

Thats 16 front 7 and we believe they want to add guys there at DT and LB. Peeps gotta go…

One of Harris amd Rokwara are gone, IMO. Probably Jokwara and Pittman too.

K, I’m done. If this is how it ends up, print the playoff tickets.

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We don’t have room for all of them, anyway.
Isn’t Romeo still under contract?
Commish, all day.

Damn, yeah that is pretty solid.

This is a draft route I have played with, well not the trade up but pairing Branch with an outside corner with 6 and 18. Can’t say I hate it. CB is like so bad rn I have even taken a guy like Garrett Williams on day 2 as well, although we may see them bring in a vet.


This one is with 1 trade down with patriots. This draft would totally complete the defense with 3 cbs who would start sooner than later