Chicago doing Chicago things but now to the Bears

Welcome to Chicago Trevor

Minimum number of felonies committed in the car? 2

Will the interior of the car have been bleached or burned?

Someone stole his valet!


Worse yet, he had all of his underwear in the trunk.

Dude, Where’s my car

The sequel.

Sucks for him. Hopefully there was nothing irreplaceable in there.

A buddy of mine just moved back to Shitcago, from Alpena?
You couldn’t pay me enough to live in that city.

The media likes to create fear and division about large cities. Its just another easy way to divide people. Chicago is a quite safe, absolutely beautiful city with amazing perks like parks, museums, cool neighborhoods, bars/restaurants, comedy scene, etc. Compared to a lot of other big cities, its still very affordable too.

Too bad! If he had just watched Adventures in Babysitting like the rest of us then this could’ve been avoided.

The good news is that you’d figure he’s used to his drives ending prematurely by now.


I’m with you. Chicago is a great city with lots to do. Like all big cities there are dangerous areas and people. Big cities usually have resources for the underprivileged and so by default, attract many that can be in unstable situations. Boise ID, not so much.

I’ve spent a good amount of time the last 10 years visiting Gold Coast, Streeterville, West Loop, Logan Square, Viagra Triangle, Chinatown Wrigleyville… walked it mostly, daytime, 2am…just fine…it’s different now. Not Escape From New York Different, but not the same.

That said, I would totally live in Naper or a few other burbs and drive in once a week to do things. I’m only 2 hours+ away anyways, no need to get raped by Illinois taes and tolls.

If you are visiting, which means going to the good parts…Chicago is cool. If you are privileged and live in Chicago…you live and spend your time around the good parts. If you are not visiting and not privileged…Chicago sucks and there are plenty of better places to live. PLENTY.

That’s like going to Rochester Hills and saying “wow, the media is completely wrong about Detroit.”


I live in Boise and can’t wait to move to Oregon. This place sucks now

Pay me a visit if you make it to Eugene.

Honestly Eugene or near there is at the top of my list. Oregon has always felt like home to the wife and I. I may have to hit you up on the pros and cons of Eugene. I can work remote and the wife went back to school and once she graduates we plan on moving.

If you are on the fence and needing to visit to confirm hit me up. Own an inn. Will put you up on the cheap as long as there aren’t big events going on.

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Wow that’s awesome! I will for sure hit you up as we will have to plan a few trips to check out the area. We’ve spent most of our time up and down the coast, but never Eugene…spent one night in Springfield and liked what we saw.

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However i can help, bud. Hope you like rain though :joy: