Chiefs looking to trade up for Henry Ruggs

This would essentially end the NFL season. As if the Chiefs aren’t explosive enough…

Talk about the rich getting richer! They’re always drafting guys with speed like this.

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Sometimes its better to use your resources to be the best at something rather than just improving weaknesses every year.


The Raiders or Broncos will take him just to stop that from happening.

They probably have their eyes on one of the other guys, if this is what they’re leaking. Imagine putting a superb route runner like Jeudy into the mix on that team. You have your track stars and then the guy that you know exactly where he’s going to be on the field at any given moment, and probably open to boot.

Chiefs should stay put and draft Swift. Then you can end the season.

If I’m in that division, I want my team to load up on pass rushers. The only way to compete with guys like Mahomes or Rodgers is to have someone knock their lights out. Then it levels the playing field.


I like it

Don’t they need DBs.

Hopefully whatever he goes there will be a group of home fans known as the Ruggsrats. NFL season ticket holders in diapers with pacifiers in their mouths seems like something that needs to happen.

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Yep. Quinn should have traded Slay’s diva ass there and gotten a better haul than he did.