China...It's what's for Dinner

The Chinese, by and large, have zero empathy for animals. It’s disgusting. Factory farming needs to go too. Just horrific.


Hard to comment, without being hypocritical.


I still love chicken feet, Pho w tendon and tripe. Quail eggs, durian…not so much

I’ll stick with a 1/4 beef and 1/2 hog from our neighbor and 1 deer every 2 years.

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I feel you there. I’ll criticize using tiger bones and rhino horns for bullshit faux medicine, but for the non-endangered species I can’t say much.

You can’t get a erection? Don’t take tiger bones. Take Viagra and cocaine instead!

Not really. I see lot’s of room for criticism.

" Chinese officials said that the virus which has so far killed nine people and infected hundreds may have originated in a wild animal sold at the food emporium."

“A price list circulating on China’s Internet for a business at the Wuhan market lists a menagerie of animals or animal-based products, including live foxes, crocodiles, wolf puppies, giant salamanders, snakes, rats, peacocks, porcupines, camel meat and other game - 112 items in all.”

“Many exotic species are still widely consumed in China or other Asian countries, where they are considered a delicacy - like the civet or some rats or bats - or for purported health benefits that are unproven by science.”

Sars was also found in civets in wildlife markets in China, with many scientists believing the bat virus infected the cat-like creatures and then humans who ate them.”

Like I was saying.

Mmm…I’m hungry. Lets eat some civet cats that have been raised in very small cages right next to bats.

Nice knowing you guys.

Mmm…live mice are a delicacy.
What could go wrong?

Can you get a cross species virus transmission by cramming gerbils up your bunghole?

Asking for a friend.


Richard Gere


China basically doesn’t give a shit about anything. Been that way for decades.

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Yep, living in farm country, I don’t worry so much.
The meat I eat is locally sourced…but, eat a lot more venison and locally caught fish.

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Yea I say ‘1 deer every 2 years’ which is average but I’ve got 3 deer the last 2 years which I’ve shared with family. Honestly it’s become a luxury meat for us.

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Annnnnd here weeee go:

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