Chris Simms/Mike Floria interview Matt Patricia

Interesting interview. There are a few nuggets of information in the interview that make it worth listening to.


Any highlights you care to share? Listening to Florio makes me want to puke .

I liked two things…,

  • he opened up abit in the “why” of how he does interviews similar to BB… you protect the team and the players and family…

  • he seems to agree with me!! :crazy_face:. “ there is only one winner at the end: all other teams are the same” aka 31 losers who didn’t make the yearly goal of winning the SB…

And lastly, when losing Matt came up, he started out with football HC mentality -“I don’t care who our starting QB is, we are going out there to win” then he pumped up MS!!

I like him and really wish that he not just the Lions succeed this next yr!!


One of the reasons why he left New England for the Lions was because of Matthew Stafford. He loves him. Drafting a QB at #3? I’m not so sure but they need to let the league know that it is possible. cough cough extra picks.


Sure. I was only hesitant bc it could be all up to interpretation.

  1. Chris Simms and Floria both talked about how MP gets misrepresented in the media and compared him to BB. Stoic to the public but a personality behind the scenes. MP talked about it being an effort to protect his family and players and he doesn’t care at all what people say about him.

  2. They talked about a foundation. How Martha meets w him weekly and they are all on the same page and that they believe they have laid a foundation for changing the culture in Detroit. :man_shrugging:t2:

  3. MP talked a lot about scheming and the chiefs. That was fascinating bc the dude really is intelligent and a good “coach” in regard to teaching scheme and concepts.

  4. much like Davis has mentioned earlier in an interview about DE’s containing the QB and “not running past him allowing him to get a first down w his legs”, MP reiterated that as a key part of a defense. It brought to mind the Packers game in Detroit two years ago and the havoc hand brought to the game. Rodgers would go to run due his pressure but the DE’s had contain, had no place to run and hand got sacks.

  5. Sims talked about the lions struggles this year and how this season was over after 8 weeks bc “you lost a difference maker” in stafford. MP reiterated how he came to Detroit and a big reason why was stafford and stuff like that. Also that at the end of the day “wins are all that matters, and we didn’t win enough”

  6. for those wanting MP to call out the refs. Simms did and when he was talking about the lose of stafford he said “I know you can’t say it but you got screwed in that game and that and stafford getting hurt really changes the season” I’m paraphrasing the entire part into one sentence. MP said in response “thank you for saying that cause I’ll get fined”.


Sweet honest break down!’


Nice interview… When he knows one of the guys doing the interview he’s more open…
Love that the guy brought up getting screwed vs GB and Patricia’s response was perfect.

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There has been talk that the scandal that got broke his first offseason really took him by surprise and soured him for a minute…

And speaking of that first year, he also provided a good example of how many adjustments had to be made (tents, or whatever, being too close to the practice field).

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Thanks for sharing. It was a nice take.

He hasn’t been a good head coach but Matt Patricia is a likeable guy. You can tell he’s more confident with the media than previous years.

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This is the first coach ever, in my life, that I see growth and he verbalized it each time he talks in this environment…

I like him still… belly, pencil and all!!

Lols growth, gotta love the Offseason.

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With all due respect, we expect players to develop and grow each offseason, why can’t a first time head coach grow and develop? Being a first time manager of an entire organization can be an adjustment for some.


I think that first year was a real learning curve for him.

Truth is that he wasn’t ready to be a HC. So we’re seeing those growing pains.

Question is are we willing to wade through them long enough to get to the other side.



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There real problem is his scam it self its out dated. And really isn’t even working that well for the pats anymore, like most 3-4 they get run on to easy. And Patricia has only worked for one team one defense. He doesn’t have the knowledge to help it much. That wore defense is all he knows.

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Except in New England, that defense changed week to week to take away the opponents best weapon. We haven’t seen that here, he’s been pretty ridgid with the game plan week to week. I don’t understand it really, that’s what everyone was looking forward to, adapting the scheme each week it hasn’t happened.

But it’s wasn’t Patricia that was BB, Patricia doesn’t have the experience with other systems he knows one thing and that’s it,and what were getting. I don’t think it will work, unless he changes his Philosophy. Witch could be what is happening with new DC, he may know he needs help and getting it from unidin some new philosophys.

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It could be BB as the mastermind, but clearly Patricia has experience with it. He handled the game plan for years under Belichick, understood it, coached it, executed it. He said that he wants to be versatile with scheme week to week when he was hired and when he was hiring a new OC. He’s just not practicing what he preaches.

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