Chris Simms Ranks Wilson as top QB and Fields as the 5th best!

Chris Simms came out with his QB ranking and there’s some surprises in there

  1. Zach Wilson, BYU
  2. Trevor Lawrence, Clemson
  3. Mac Jones, Alabama
  4. Kellen Mond, Texas A&M
  5. Justin Fields, Ohio State
  6. Trey Lance, North Dakota State

Surprisingly he has Mond ahead of Fields and Lance.

He thinks 6 QB’s have first round grades.

Your thoughts!

I can spout off drivel too just to get clicks.

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Almond Joy’s got nuts, Mond’s don’t

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I like Chris Simms, but this is absolutely the “say something crazy to get clicks” strategy.

Chris Simm’s rankings are about as accurate as his NFL passes.

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I don’t agree with all of Simms’ 2021 rankings here… but he did say Mahomes was capable of Favre/Rodgers ability and a special talent… and also had Josh Allen #1 QB in 2018.

I saw he mocked Trubisky as top QB taken in 2017… which was incredibly correct… but I think he did say more positive things about Mahomes… so I give him some credit for a few recent years I looked at.
I Didn’t track a lot of his projections… but those were surprisingly good.

Simms sees what a lot of us do!

Fields is simply overated!

So happy he won’t be in play for the Lions at 7!!!

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I would say Wilson is the best QB in the class…after that, idk…but I do know that Mond shouldn’t be up there, he’d be in the class after the top tiers imo.




He also ranked Tom Savage as his top QB in 2014. His rankings tend to be all over the map. I wouldn’t put any stock in it

I appreciate a guy who does his evaluations without looking to the current accepted mock drafts for re-assurance. I do not think Simms is “saying it for clicks.” Bob Quinn drafted Tavai in the 2nd round. All it takes is for one scout/GM to fall in love with a player and suddenly the guy is “way overdrafted.” UNTIL he proves that out or otherwise.

Of course when I did my limited QB reviews, Wilson was the guy that stuck out to me as the guy I’d want if we were going to go that route. He’ll likely be sitting 5 picks away from us. I’m willing to move forward with Goff and pass on QB, but there is something bothering me that we may very well end up regretting not making a move for Wilson and we had the ammo to do it.

Mond actually has an NFL Arm and runs well but he’s inconsistent and makes too many mistakes.

If he lands on the right team with the right QB coach he has the potential to be the best QB in the class. But he’s a project all day.

I assume Simms ranks him this high based on upside.

I appreciate that Chris Simms is more of a free thinker when it comes to grading/ranking QBs. It’s refreshing.

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In fairness I’d argue that Fields, Lance and Mond are all projects.

Out of HS Mond was the #2 Rated QB in the nation.

Then he is the MVP of the senior bowl where he looked pretty good too.

So I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Mond. He has the upside potential.

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He really nailed 2017 and 2018 when he had them ranked:




Lamar Jackson
Josh Allen

He also had Herbert over Tua last year. That’s why everyone’s paying so much attention to him now.

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Mond is typically projected to be a 3rd or 4th round pick. I’ve mocked him to us in the 4th as a cheap career backup, doubtful he becomes anything more than that imo.

If we don’t take someone at 7, I want Mond in the 3rd, bad.

Simms has done well ranking QB prospects in the past, but I disagree a bit

  1. Zach Wilson
  2. Trevor Lawrence
  3. Mac Jones
  4. Trey Lance
  5. Mond

I wouldn’t mind Jamie Newman later in the draft as a backup

Mond has always been considered a 1st round possibility. Here’s an article from a year ago talking about it.

Since the senior bowl more and more mocks have him projected round 1. Truth is he’s a project but he has the skill set.

CBS has him at 18OA right now too.

Personally I think he has the upside but he’s a project. When looking at players who are projects you either see enough talent and skill to take them round one or you downgrade them to round 3 or later as a project. It’s all about the risk vs reward.

Mond is extremely streaky. Good Kellen is a top notch prospect. Bad Kellen is abysmal. The question is whether anyone can get the good version out of him more frequently.

I think he’ll go in round 2.