Christian Gonzalez Looks Like a Star

Gonzales playing good for the Pats doesn’t mean anything for how he would play here. We completely overhauled our secondary and Geno Smith just completed 80% of his passes for over 300 yards.

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It’s not people wanting too, it’s some people don’t like 60 years of losing. And thats enough to make some miserable as you say , and you can be miserable about this team and still love life.

Maybe just because you overhaul something doesn’t mean you did a good job of it, I mean we been over hauling the Dline scenes Holmes got here and we might be worse then we ever have been.

McNeil a 3T
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I agree……that’s why drafting Gonzales doesn’t mean he would be playing for Detroit like he is for the Patriots.

Cameron Sutton was a solid free agent… but I think other lions fans expect him to be a good number 1 corner… and he’s just not. Mosely was and still is injured. And cjgj is a good safety who will only be hee this year… (and sadly got hurt) I loved our free agency because it gave us flexibility and it meant we weren’t forced to reach in the draft. But instead we thought we were done and we used all our picks on low impact positions instead of drafting a future pass rusher or 1 corner.


I think giving Geno over 3 seconds to throw the ball has alot to do with our coverage issues. I have a bigger issue with our DL than the secondary.


All this aftertiming really sucks. Especially when it’s been two games ffs.

So far, we should have taken Carter at 6, and we should have taken Gonzalez at 12. Well we couldn’t have done both so which is it?

I’m willing to bet that in an alternate universe where we take Carter at 6, people would be moaning that we don’t have a proper pass catching TE.

LaPorta and Gibbs were a pretty big part of the win in KC. We might well be 0-2 without them. Who knows, but there’s lots of ways to play the aftertiming game.

The roster is always going to be short in some areas, hindsight is always going to make the draft look worse than it was, and injuries will always mess up plans. As in real life, nothing is ever perfect and we all hate it when people close to us say “well I told you you should have …”


You could have taken Carter at 6 and Laporta at 18 and kept swift. Then your only out the LBer witch Barnes has step up and Anzlone .

I would never pass on Arron Donald type for a TE. We seen that one before.


Taking a TE at 18 wouldn’t have been popular either. And neither would playing Barnes in coverage.

Carter still has the same risk of torpedoing his career and still has the same character concerns as he had on draft night. Two good games doesn’t change that.

32 teams didn’t have the perfect draft, like it is every year. I didn’t take my shot with all the girls I wanted to. There’s no point lamenting it, that’s just life.

St Brown didn’t blossom until after the bye in week 1. Kerby was a healthy scratch until injuries forced him into the team. Barnes has taken two years to develop into an NFL player. Stafford was a china doll. Slay sucked as a rookie. I’m not saying that Gibbs will definitely be worth the pick, but let’s give him a chance.

Shit like this is silly your not trying to be like the 31 teams that miss u wanna be the guy that hits. You want to be the to get it right.

It’s like everyone else is bad too.

Call brad and ask to be his advisor.

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I’m really counting on Dan to grow a pair and fire his buddy Glenn after this season. A year too late IMO. I’m not expecting it, but I’m counting on it. So if Gonzales is a good player, I’m more concerned with that than what Glenn can get out of him. If you’re relying on Glenn for anything other than a warm body, you’re screwed.

Patriots took Tavai and Van Noy and made them into starters. Van Noy actually turned into a hell of a player. Really don’t see anyone on our defense excelling right now. Hopefully we can get it turned around this year a whole lot quicker than last year. Really disappointed in what I saw Sunday. Looked like the same ole same ole to me.

That’s exactly what it was. It was every lions loss (and there have been a shittonne) rolled up and snap-whipped right back into our faces as a reminder that hey azzhulls you are the Lions, you will always suck. This D is horrendous, and it just lost its best player. Mark my words this season is going to tank…unless Campbell fires AG and gets someone in there with a clue.

People get a bigger dopamine hit from complaining than the team being good

Not neccesarily, if you are miserable about this team and complaining and being negative bc this team brings you down then it is going to impact your outlook and how you interact in the world. Its how misery works.

Lions fans need to learn how to win…SOL dead but the lions could go 13-4 and win a playoff game but someone will complain and say SOL bc ya…

That is a choice. My happiness isn’t co-dependent on a football team.

If my hobby truly made me miserable, I would find another hobby.

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Let’s take a hard pause on the Christian Gonzalez love and remind ourselves of one thing:

No coach like Belichick can take a garden variety corner and make him a stud…and none like Bill can take a talented CB and make him a super star.

That said, while I was happy with the trade down…I wasn’t at all a fan of the Gibbs pick at 12.

IDK we should try it someday, cause we have never seen.
you say the same thing with really regime.