Cine at 32

I loved Cine throughout this process, he is exactly who I wanted the Lions to take at 32. That was who I had been secretly hoping they’d target at the end of round 1. I also love Willis too, but man… the idea the Lions could have Cine and Willis to combine with Hutch? Insanity. I was all for the trade up, especially since the Lions need a dynamic WR, but after seeing who’s available it’s a bit more scary


I never thought Cine and Willis would last until #32… so no 2nd guessing from me…

But… I ‘d be cool with a trade up to get Willis as well…. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


I liked Cine better than Hamilton personally. It was double gut punch to see him go not only at 32, but to a division rival. Regardless, the safety position is a massive need for this team still. The hole at safety is giant, and I’m now curious to see how they handle it.

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I can see Willis going at 34. The Vikings relationship with Cousins is arguably more tenuous than ours with Goff.

Please no. I love Willis and Cine, that would be too cruel!

It was the trade off for an explosive WR.


And we are going to get a really good player at 46.

Williams and #46 easily will trump ( Cine and whoever the Vikings take at 34. The WRs left that we could’ve had are a massive trade off from JW.

We draft Dean or Brisker and I don’t care what happens with the rest of the draft. That’s 3 major upgrades at 3 of the 4 weakest positions. Home run draft.

Lions Day 1 is A+ Only team who came out better for me are the NYJ. Jermaine Johnson was a steal at 26.

*im secretly hoping for Corral at 46. Best QB in this draft imo (felt this way for a while).

I wanted cine or hill. That he went to the Vikings really sucks. I hope he decides after a year to quit and go back to school and become a plastic surgeon.

I’d be good with correll or ridder at 46

Agreed with everything you said right here. JJ going 26 seemed like something happened that we dont know about. Because that kid can ball out. The Jets added some big time talent.

I also wanted Cine or Hill, but I also wanted a WR. Obviously the Lions felt there was a big drop off at WR after the first 5 or so, and the rest of the NFL seems to agree as Burks was the last WR taken in the 1st round at 18.

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It’s clear the WR position created it’s own market this offseason, and teams adjusted accordingly in the draft. I get it as well, I mean the Lions don’t need another depth WR. They lack the #1 type of guy - and those guys are hard to get. I totally understand the reasoning. I just think this defense still needs major talent so hopefully Brad and Co can use the remaining resources to find some guys.

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