CJ Gardner Johnson injury news (not good)

Hate to break up the heated woulda shoulda coulda debates but Rapoport is reporting a torn pec for Johnson, probably done for the year.

This can’t be serious!

That was a very expensive game. Houson half season, Monty quarter season CJGJ full season.

Shitting hell. Thats why you cant gove games away too, the season will start eating i to your talent base

Jamo cant get here fast enough…


Starting to feel like this season is just not going to give us what we all had hoped

Good thing we drafted Branch

Don’t forget Houston for half the season

How’s Vatai doing?

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Why can’t this team flourish at the beginning of the season? Injuries…

Now…more injuries!

Another reason why Moseley has got to get back……FAST!!



Ok this is crappy news and devasting but that is funny

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Not sure Moseley coming back is going to replace CJ, he will replace Jacobs (which is needed). Luckily Branch has shown he can ball and we now have Walker to step in. Issue is Dime packages and I hate to say that Harris will most likely see more playing time.

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Who needs nickle DBs when we have Charles Harris to drop in coverage?

All day baby

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Nothing like rolling into the season depending on the two Harris’s to be good at football things💩

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Oh, tears. Good grief.

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Nick Chubb just joined CJ on the out for the season team. This game is brutal.

Really is.

That play looked terrible. Feel bad for the Browns and also feel bed for the Steelers player. He’s going to get killed.

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