CJ Gardner Johnson injury news (not good)

Hopefully Walker can get back to pre-injury form.
Props to him for finishing the game with a torn pec, true warrior.

Man… Nick Chubb’s injury is brutal. My goodness

I just watched the video. Unbelievable. Might be a career ender. I think he probably tore everything.

How flaccid

No kidding, I hope it’s not that bad but it probably is. Absolutely brutal, making me wince in pain just thinking of it

OMG that was terrible. Willis McGahee stuff. This is both why RBs don’t get paid and also why if life was fair they would.

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@Nuseand7 can you have a chat with good luck baby about these injuries?

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I forgot about McGahee but you’re right. Man that was ugly too. I’m sure Chubb will recover but he’s not gonna be the same

Sounds like Williams is out for New Orleans as well.

Swaggy? Say it ain’t so.

Hamstring from the sounds.