Clyde Edwards Helaire is tearing it up!

Showing why he was the 1st RB off the board.


My guy

He’s in a great situation too. It looks like a good marriage. :eyes:

Funny thing is, my wife’s work had a Fantasy Football league and she asked me to help her. When it was our turn to draft, we couldn’t figure out how to draft a player, I clicked on a player (can’t even remember how I was trying to pick now) but there was nothing obvious showing to pick the player. It was getting to the end of our time to pick a player, so I quick switched it to auto-draft a player for us, and we got CEH. LOL
I felt kind of stupid but the next person to draft after us had the same issue, couldn’t figure out how to draft a player…so I felt a little better.

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

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It will be interesting to see how CEH compares to Dobbins and even our own Swift. Looking good for CEH so far.

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Swift has a hip injury.

Definitely found CEH weakness though.

The Chiefs running backs have always been excellent behind that o line and high powered offense.

Actually the Chiefs running game wasnt all that great last year.

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It also could be the team he plays for. Not saying he isn’t great, but KC is a really great team.

He’s got some pretty big holes to run through. He’s got some quick feet though so he is doing a good job of making the most of those holes.

Do you even know who their running back was behind the injured Damien Williams lol

And actually check out the running backs stats in the superbowl

That’s a scary team

So by ALWAYS you mean not last year, got it.

CEH looked great . The offense fits his skill set PERFECTLY and to be honest they didn’t even tap into his catching abilities yet. The Texans run Defense was atrocious. The D-Line was manhandled

I cant wait to see his YBC later today the daylight he had was silly… The Texans fed right into allowing Helaire to see plenty of open space . They focused on Tyreek Hill to a fault and ran Zone Coverage all night and made no adjustment.

As far as comparing RB’s goes ? Swift & Dobbins probably wont see a 25th carry until week 3 of the season , CEH is in a situation in KC that is not like the others .

CEH debut was great and really pedestrian when you compare it Kareem Hunt’s debut …in this offense

Kareem Hunt 17 carries for 148 yards , 1 TD to go with his 5 catches for 98 yards and 2 TD’s , 246 Yards in total with 3 TD’s …Two special RB’s or is it a special system , on a special offense ?

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Even Damian Williams is just a cast off RB.

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Yea the Chiefs were 22nd in the NFL in rushing last year. The lions were 21st. Even the analysts were talking about how the chiefs drafted a RB in the first round because they felt the running game was their biggest need.

That’s exactly it. But his style clearly translates well. I do worry about his size and if he can stay healthy.

Wait to you all see Swift.

He’s not small - he’s short. There’s a difference.

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Is that what you tell your wife? … lol

Just kidding but damn that was funny.