Coaching up Goff?

As discussed in an earlier thread Goff is not hopeless. In fact, I’m confident we will win the SB this year. Very confident.

I thought Goff’s biggest issues in year 1 with the Lions was he held the ball too long, and took too many sacks. Was this a WR issue? A game management issue?

Didn’t DC take over the play calling? Why was this done? I think it was smart of him to do this and it was successful. Am I correct? I’m very hopeful (I know) that Goff will be successful this year.

Coach him up!


Totally different receiving corps from last year, in a sense.
JRey wasn’t here the first 11 games.
He hadn’t synced with St. Brown until late. Probably because St. Brown was a rookie.
Now, he has both of them as security blankets.
Then, add Chark.
Then, Jamo.
Throw in a healthy Cephus.
It’s not on Goff to win games. He just has to not lose games.


I don’t know where this comes from but I’ve heard nobody laying this out as a possibility.

This is a team on an assent, but it will take a couple more years to be a serious contender (I believe)

Goff can be coached up and he will benefit from improved talent on the offense.

That defense. I’m concerned about the interior of the DL and strength of the LB group.

No doubt this young team will benefit from a second year of most being together and coached by a top notch coaching staff.

This year it should finally start to be fun to be a Lions fan.


did you watch the games last season? we changed play callers because the first one was losing and making mistakes, if they are doing good you leave them alone, but that wasn’t the case. once we changed we improved. Goff’s biggest issue last season was playing on a team , during build one of a foundation-one that wasn’t completed before the season arrived…next? The Lions had a mass of injuries. SO let’s rehash shall we?
*incomplete foundation pieces first build of team.
*an array of injuries that nearly wiped out any chance we had to play.
*changing play callers part way through the season.
and no QB is going to do good playing with these issues on his team.


Confident we will win the super bowl!!? lol Have you been licking toads recently!?

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At some point, it’s on the QB to win games. If you don’t have a QB that go out and win you a game, you’re not sniffing the post-season.


Nick Foles*, Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, just the last 20 years.
Those are the guys who have won. Foles was MVP.
Shall we look at QB’s who made it to the Super Bowl and lost?
You know who’s on that list.

Guilty as charged. I did not get to see much Lions football. 2 reasons:

  1. I live in Northern California - not enough Lions on tv. And I’m too cheap to buy NFL tv package!

  2. I was a newlywed last year, so better things to do every Sunday morning.


Please don’t start fire Holmes and MCDC threads when we don’t.

It’s just too early in the process.


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You familiar with the phrase “exception to the rule?”

Look, you can go into battle with “a QB who won’t lose you games” in 2022 if you want, but at some point, on the other sideline you’ll have QBs like Aaron Rodgers and Matt Stafford and Tom Brady and Josh Allen and Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson and you MIGHT not admit it here, but you’ll mumble to yourself, “Damn, wish we had that.”

This isn’t 2003. The league looks very different from the defense-first mentality that dominated the league when Johnson and Dilfer were quarterbacks. The league adjusted.

Can Goff be that guy? Certainly hope so. But for damn sure he’ll need to be able to win us some games.

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20/0 until proven otherwise baby!!

We can do it!!


One thing that gives me hope is Ben Johnson. He very well could be that innovative offensive mind they’ve lacked.

I think that he got pretty damn good coaching with McVay and there are few as good as he is offensively.

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The Bengals Head Coach Zac Taylor had some real nice things to say about Johnson. They worked together in Miami for several years.


Love it.


probably a benefit for Goff to have some QB coaching.

If Goff isn’t asked to win games we are picking top 5 again. He absolutely has to be really good to win 9 games. This defense has pieces but no true stars or even a leader as of now. We are giving up 25+ points per game.

Goff definitely has to win games. We are not in a position for a game manager at QB. OP is definitely smoking that good stuff

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There is a difference between something being possible and banking on it.

If our team building takes a direction where Goff is the best QB we can get, then fine, we do the best we can to build around him. But I would not call it the preferred direction (assuming Goff is mediocre and doesn’t improve)

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or 0/17 until proven otherwise.

Like so many things, the truth will lie between the two extremes.

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I agree that Goff is not hopeless.

I actually expect him to make a major step up in this coming year.

I believe he can win some games if our offense plays to his strengths and our defense also takes that step forward.

I do not expect him to be more than an average to good quarterback. I would love to be totally wrong here and hope that I am. But I believe we will be in a place to win with good quarterback play.

I believe the Lions have positioned him to succeed. He has a potentially good to exceptional offensive line if they can stay healthy. Swift can be a difference maker if used correctly, but I still have some concerns about our RB room. Hock has it in him to be a true safety blanket and difference maker at TE. Our WR room is substantially improved. I do not see it as a collection of dangerous weapons, but there is potential there.