Colby Sorsdal Accepting Challenge of Playing Multiple Positions

If Sorsdal can develop into the 3rd OT and beat out Skipper, that would be a big boost to the Lions depth at the position, which presently, is almost non-existent.


That would be ideal. Tackle depth is iffy at best. Can Sorsdal play tackle though? I know @Thats2 had big concerns about his footwork and lateral movement.

Brad Holmes said after drafting him they viewed him at guard. Now things may have changed since last year.

IF he’s gotten in much better shape he could hold up at RT for sure. But the guy we saw last year would struggle like crazy. He was definitely drafted to play guard so whether this is an admission he’s not gonna work out inside or it’s just that he got in good enough shape and impressed at the first mini-camp on the outside, I don’t know. But we’ll see. The more you can do the better, he may end up a jack of all trades type.


If we get a cheap solid 6th OL out of a 5th round pick that is totally fine value. Then maybe we’re in the comp pick game by then and he’s of enough interest to another team to qualify. For OL it often doesn’t take unreal production to get to that threshold.


I didn’t read the article but if we can get Sorsdal to be a backup


That would be a huge depth guy to have on game day activation to develop.

I still think Skipper makes it this year, but by 2025 it could be Sorsdal job

I know Sorsdal is embracing playing multiple positions but that is very difficult for a young guy

We definitely made it hard on him last year as a rook. He was playing right guard in camp, which was a new position, then switched him to left guard and then threw him into a regular season game at RT without any practice reps… no wonder he struggled. Massive jump from William and Mary.


I still think his highest ceiling is at C, but I’m not sure when he’d really get a chance given our current roster makeup.

Depth OL are all played at multiple positions. Manu is gonna get some reps in at G, too.

If a depth guy trains only at 1 G position, then you need him only if that 1 starter goes out.

I have zero issues with the workload they put on these guys. (Not that you do, I’m just saying that they should be driven like a rental until they earn a starter’s spot.). It’s good for them.


Foremost I hope he embraces the challenge of not getting yanked from games

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Yea I’m with you for sure. I’m just pointing out how difficult that is when you played college ball at William and Mary and the University of British Columbia. The best player those guys faced in college couldn’t crack an nfl practice squad.

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I’ve been saying for months that the plan was for him to play RT.
There is generally only going to be 8 OL active on gameday.
Starting 5 plus Skipper, Sorsdal, and a guard (likely Kayode or Mahogany).
Skipper and Sorsdal can sub at OT, while Sorsdal and the other guard can handle guard. Frank and Glasgow will cover Center.
I believe that is the plan. Sorsdal has to show he is capable of being the backup RT.


I hope Manu is the future at LT

Backups right now Skipper & Kayode

Eventually to be beaten out by depth guys Sorsdal & Mahogs?

That’s a nice 5 backup OL good mix.

Are any of those guys the future at Guard tho when Zeitler & Glasgow bounce…


Kayode is better than a lot of people give him credit for. I think he’s 1st man in at guard if something happens to GG or Zeitler. He played a lot of snaps last year and while not great was serviceable


Yep slide Glasgow back to RG and Kayode at LG.

I don’t think we would opt for any of the youngns just yet.

Skipper can play RG too and hold is own if need be


One other thing before I tap out here and go be productive. I wouldn’t be shocked we add a vet tackle with experience right before camp. Raise the competition level a bit.

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I’m thinking vet S and a flier WR. I think OL is set where we are at personally.

Go be productive buddy!!

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I think that depends on how Skipper and Sorsdal perform when the pads come on.
If they look proficient and stay healthy there will be no need to deviate from the plan.
If they don’t look good Holmes won’t hesitate to add an experienced vet.


How so? our backup Center is our Starting Guard.
The only other options are UDFA… I’m guessing they will be stashed on the PS

Would be great to have Sorsdal as an option at backup Center. Even if he isn’t dominant in run blocking…just to be able to fill in and get us through games and hold his own in pass pro.


I just think it will require injuries to both Glasgow and Rags before he would get a shot, because we’ll still have a lot to play for and wouldn’t want him learning on the job. Frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the UDFAs got a shot before he did just because of their familiarity with the position.


Mahagony wood change things a bit

Maybe that’s why they are playing him everywhere… the long game.