Colin Cowherd's message to Goff

Colin Cowherd still a thing? Cute.


I’d like to see Colon Coward say that to Dan Campbell’s face.

Won’t end well.


All I know is that shit gets me fired up.

Cowherd can eat dirt for all I care right now, and I hope Campbell has the shovel feeding it to him.

Hope Goff is coming in with a chip on his shoulders and is ready to tear some shit up.


Colin Cowherd deserves zero coverage for his asinine views.

I’m behind this move. Love the coaching hires. I’ll be active and watching my Lions for the next few seasons.
But the unfortunate fact is, Cowherd is right. And 3-4 years from now, according to history, he’ll probably still be right.
Now we al know and agree, betting on the Lions to suck is as easy a wager to take. So it’s not like he’s going out on any limb here. If he would’ve said: “This move, and the moves by the Lions the last couple of weeks, changes that franchise. They’re going to be powerhouses in the NFL for the next 10 years. NFC north beware! There’s a new general in town!”
I would’ve actually batted and eyelash to that.

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Jim/Chris Everett didn’t end well either, lol


It ended very well for Jim Rome. He knew exactly what he was doing.

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Colon Cowherd also was once adamant that guys who were better looking made better QBs and then listed off all the guys he considered good looking. Strange on a multitude of levels but even worse his list only included white dudes which exposed all kinds of ugly biases of his. The dude is a washed up coke head.

Sorry, I know what I wrote is a pretty unhelpful and non PC take. But it’s all 100% true.

You know, Fred Flintstone was a little salty on the surface, but deep down inside, he was a caring and good (cave)man.

Some little known facts about Fred:

  • Fred was the grandson of famed Stone War I hero Rockbottom “Rocky” Flintstone. Fred also had a good relationship with his father, Ed Flintstone, sharing his toys with him as a child and even receiving his first razor from him.
  • Loving husband to Wilma and father to Pebbles and Bam Bam
  • Fred was an army veteran (along with Barney)
  • Fred worked a tough job at the Slate Rock and Gravel Company
  • He also held a job for a little while with the Bedrock Police Force
  • Fred was a champion Bowler
  • He was an inventor of many cool contraptions, being inspired by his heroes Albert Einstone and Thomas Edistone (a couple notables being the “Hair grower” and the “Fred Flintstone hiccup cure”)

Colin Blowhard needs to go learn his history of Cavemen. Fred Flintstone was a good (cave)man despite all the gruff and grit on the outside.




Colin Cowherd is the embodiment of everything detestable about elitist, coastal sports-douche-blabberers.


Bam Bam is Barney’s kid

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Thats what Fred wants Barney to think

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Bedrock drama…love it

Does Wilma know this!

Yeah, but other than that…

Cowherd would do well to not be tarred and feathered.

Colin COWARD doesn’t and can’t get clicks by being a good reporter, cuz he’s not. He’s horrible. So what’s the best way to be relevant?? Be a prick. An asswipe. Be controversial. He’s all that

Colins not wrong but what he doesn’t realize is that Fred be like …

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