Colin picks Lions to upset (the spread) against the niners

time is set to Lions overview. Thinks the Lions will give the 9ers all they can handle and is tired of the Jared isn’t a good QB narrative.


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I saw Cowherd sitting at the Kingston bar in Portland when he was a local hack. I asked him his opinion on the blazers and he said he didn’t care about sports much and only talked about sports as a way to have a job in entertainment. I overheard the bartender say he’s a lousy tipper too.
Pick the Lions if you have a good feeling but don’t wager up based on that guys take.

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You live in Oregon too?

I can’t answer that on the basis of politics. Don’t want to be political and get bounced but I spend most of my time in Bloomfield Hills now

I agree on Cowherd in general; he blows in the clickbait wind too much to be taken seriously. But if this was before the Decker issue arose, that actually wasn’t,imo, a crazy bet or wrongheaded reasoning in this instance. He wasn’t calling for an upset win, just beating the spread. A 7.5 advantage in a road opener ?! I think that’s waaay too much respect for Jimmy G & The Farty Knee-lickers.

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No one blows up the spread like Penisini


I literally cannot listen to that buffoon another minute. And if the audio isn’t bad enough, you have to look at him too? No way.

BTW, my radio stopped on 97.1 one Saturday afternoon recently. They have a guy that sounds exactly like colin. Just another reason not to listen to 97.1.

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I tend to agree - I am not saying we win -neither did he. But I don’t think we see a lions/jets fiasco like we saw with MP. I think the team comes out and plays hard for 60 minutes. We won’t look like a college division 2 team and we won’t roll over quit. I think Sunday we start getting our pride back.

well… I “bet” Cowherd wasn’t liking his odds with 5 minutes left… but I guess that is why they play 60 minutes???

Can’t say I ever watch this feces cranium… but wouldn’t surprise me if he bragged about being right afterwards.

As far as I can tell he didn’t brag or even mention it really… He just missed his prediction and marked that he got it wrong but didn’t say much about it other than Falcons and Lions are the two teams he never wants to bet on.

Every week he goes over 3 guesses he was right on and 3 he was wrong on. Detroit he counted as one he was wrong on despite coming pretty close if say the Lions had scored the TD but missed the extra 2 points.

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The injuries are already piling up for the 49ers. They are a tough team to play when healthy…they just can’t stay healthy. Figures we’d get them when they are at their healthiest while other teams are going to benefit from the injuries as they add up.

Yea sucks we lost Decker but then I look across the league and see how much worse it could be. Honestly the Sewell pick looks that much better now because Decker has to be out a few weeks. Man Baltimore got it bad.

Like the Rams, whose pick we have. Ugh.