**College football thread 11/20**

Came in from raking leaves and my first thought was whether Ohio State would score 100 today.

I swear anytime I see MSU and UM in the top 10 it’s a joke. SEC football is so much better than the Big 10.

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Hey, don’t forget about that huge game Georgia has today. Playing Charleston Southern.

The best time to compare is in the bowl game matchups. The SEC typically has the best team, #1 team in college football, but I like the depth in the Big10 this year.

I like Big 10 football, i really do…but when i finally get to turn on the MSU game and OSU is up 42-0 in the second quarter its a little eye opening. Plus i friking hate OSU so it just pisses me off. Cant wait to see what Michigan does next week with them.

Going to lose. They won’t be able to stop the WRs either.

Lol yea I was being sarcastic. Can’t wait to hear Harbaugh after the game. But honestly I hope I’m 100% wrong. Fucking OSU.

Watching Michigan State/Ohio State game. This is my first opportunity to watch CJ Stroud play. Please GOD do not let the Lions take a QB this year! Would love to see CJ in a Lions uniform! Granted it is a pretty bad MSU pass defense but Stroud still looks good!

Holy Woodshed Batman.

Some good reads, some good throws. But the MSU defense is leaving guys wide open.

One of the worst pass defenses, if not the worst, in CFB

As expected, Ohio St. is the best Big Ten team by a country mile. Was there ever a doubt really? This is a team with Alabama/Georgia level talent playing in a league with Tennessee level talent in the second tier.

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Without a doubt, been that way for years.

No! Not another overrated O$U player. Everybody in the world knows MSU pass defense is shitty. Definitely not a barometer to judge CJ.

Goff could have hit that last td. Can’t leave receivers that wide open.

Not a knock on Stroud.

I’m sure we will see quite a few open receivers next weekend as sad as that makes me… the OSU receivers are just on a different level than the B1G

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Great Game…42-0 !!!..Really enjoying the BLOWOUT !!!

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All three of those guys maybe be better than what the Lions will run out Sunday. None would be riding the pine for sure.

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Plenty of WR talent in this upcoming draft would love to see us double dip like we did on dt last year.

I expect the Lions to take best player available on their board.

Gonna be some screaming around here. Not in a good way.