College Football Week 0 Prospect Watch

Week zero kickoff shortly here between Notre Dame & Navy in Dublin.

What prospects do we have our eyes on this weekend?

For Notre Dame I’ll be looking at OT Joe Alt & QB Sam Hartman

Not a ton. I’m very curious to see how Hartman looks in a more traditional offense. Joe Alt is who he is. Good tackle prospect but probably not super elite the way some have suggested.

USC has some talent but I don’t know that it matches up well with our needs.


Estime is probably worth watching today. Maybe not for us, but for someone.

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Reminds me of current Detroit Lion LT: Decker

I had the same thought last week.

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@Mongoose Great Thread. I hope you keep this up thorughout the season. Would like to keep up with you and Curious etc opinions/prospects week to week see who you’re looking at and what not

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I think it was @frm710 who ran something like this last year. I think I pulled a fast one on him, seems he forgot about week 0 lol.

It was a lot of fun last year, enjoyed telling people early last season before draft talk started that Campbell & LaPorta would be players :wink:

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Eric Gentry at USC is fun just bc he’s so damn peculiar as a basketball small forward playing middle linebacker.

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watching the Notre Dame game….

and can’t help but wonder… How in the hell did Matt Cassel get an analyst job for NBC???

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LOL, all good.
I was going to start doing it again next week, didn’t forget just didn’t feel like it today, and no five prospects to watch.
The boys are home for the weekend as well so getting some larger projects out of the way today as they head back to Fl tomorrow.

I like LT Joe Alt, watching Notre Dames RT I might like him even more.

Not as long but more athletic. Had to look him up, #54 Blake Fisher

Former TE so he’s definitely a decent athlete but there are a couple freak show athlete OTs in this class whereas Alt strikes me more as a good one. Like that his dad was a Pro Bowl OT.

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From the box score it looks as though Sam Hartmann has handled the transition quite well. Hardly surprising.

Never dawned on me that NCAA started.

Zachariah Branch

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