College game-day thread

I am loving watching Ohio State losing to Minnesota, hopefully it finishes this way!

Excited to see how Joe Milton looks in Tennessee.


Anybody else watching some college football tonight?


Yea, just watching the Boise State - UCF game, it was delayed like 2 hours.

Just turned on OSU and Minnesota. Good for minnesota! Although it ain’t gonna last. Nice td by OSU

Can’t stop the run, they are in trouble.

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So OSU went to the locker room at halftime and said “ok let’s stop losing to minnesota guys…”

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wow, that roughing call was huge

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I spoke too soon

Great game! they just used 7 o-lineman

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Great stop by the Gophers!

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They have awoken!

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Haha yep there it is

Funny because the new QB for OSU isn’t looking so hot but the defense is making plays. They find a way to win one way or another.

Not that he’s looking bad either. Maybe just first game jitters

OSU’s gonna hang 60+ on the flying Harbaughs this year…gonna be a hot, one sided, jail date.

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Give the gophers credit, they keep fighting back

Weak run defense by the buckeyes. Unfortunately I think they look overrated and are ripe for the oregon ducks to come in and get the win. Would love to be wrong.

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That freshman tailback for OSU looks pretty fast.

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A couple guys that impressed me in games I’ve watched.

Utah -
Devin Lloyd - really good all around linebacker. Kind of reminds me of Tremaine Edmonds
Tavion Thomas - a load to bring down. Sort of a poor man’s Derrick Henry (very poor perhaps)

Rachaad White - would love to add this guy to our backfield. Likely just a change of pace type but that Dude is electric

Darien Butler - two interceptions. Would add a lot in coverage but you’d have to hide him in the run game I’d imagine


All feels right in the world with College Football (with full stadiums) back, the NFL right around the corner, U.S. Open tennis going on, MLB playoffs not too far off, NHL and NBA after that. The next couple of months are the best time of year for Sports fans.

Anyway, Boise St.-UCF is a lot of fun to watch, as expected.
I always watch College Football religiously but will be really keying in on the top QBs for Lions purposes. Starts with Howell tomorrow night at Virginia Tech. Good test right off the bat.


great game so far