Colorado vs Colorado State GOY

Game of the Year already this early

If anybody stayed up to watch it, that was worth every second from start to finish



CSU had 176 yards in penalties. Lack of discipline cost them a win.


This is a very entertaining story to watch unfold

they were trying to kill Colorado players

like travis hunter

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It’s actually crazy to say…but the penalties really didn’t hurt them at all until overtime when Kamara had 2 back to back ejected.

They came ready for a fist fight. I don’t think Colorado was ready for that.

4th and 2 on the 40 up 8 with 2 mins left…MCDC woulda balls to walls went for it and ended it right there.

Perfect punt to the 1 1/2 yard line…but that’s where legends are born.

Both coach prime’s kids are super stars. If it wasn’t for the CB they woulda been down 35-7 he kept them in the game single handedly with two huge plays


Ugly game. CSU had every chance to put them away, 9 personal fouls i believe, inopportune turnovers and going full prevent with an 8 point lead in the last 2 minutes. Dumb football, not good football.

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I have not followed this story at all, nor have I seen a UC game.
Are his kids future NFL players?

James Houston proved they can do it. And really quickly too.

Do yourself a favor bro, on Monday or Tuesday go rewatch the game on YouTube.

Game of the Year College Football

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The DB looks like a great college player, I want to know how fast he is for next level play. Will be interesting to see what he runs, I think he might be a hair slow


Game was awesome…feel bad for Hunter getting taken out by a cheap shot. I watched til the end, then was so jacked up, I couldnt fall alseep til 3am. I’m all in rooting for CU, and Deions boys are also good sportball players.

I turned it off after the hit to Hunter. I went into the game rooting for CSU, and after that play, hoped Colorado would win.

That CSU player deserved an immediate ejection and suspension.

It’s shit like that why people don’t want their kids playing football. Myself included. That wasn’t football, it was assault.


For as much flack Coach Prime got thrown at him all week for his flashiness, lack of humbleness, judging his faith etc

Their program showed nothing but class all night.

Hope somebody in the MSM sheds some light on that. That’s the real lesson from last night



You taking about Brian Branch ? Or Shilo Sanders



Shedur Sanders is a 1st round pick

im getting Joe Burrow Vibes from him, dude has excellent poise in the pocket, beautiful touch and release on his passes, great accuracy, Solid Nfl Arm

kid feels different.

Colorado fans dont deserve a good coach like deion.

Lol, Branch actually looked shot out of a cannon fast during week one pick. Shiloh not so much, that int last night was actually why I question Shiloh’s game speed

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I can definitely see him as a valid 1st round pick. Much like Baker Mayfield, J Manziel, & Z Wilson I get the same exact D-bag vibes though. Which is why I’m passing on him all day long to be my guy if running an NFL franchise.


What’s the beef with Colorado fans? I ask because I don’t know that fan group.

Expanding this subject further, I sure am glad Deion is coaching in CFB. The game is always better when have more quality coaches

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Yeah, I agree and I’m a CSU guy, lived in Ft Collins for a couple years. It was as cheap a shot as you’ll see.

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In general Colorado State played dirty as ■■■■.

I believe in coach prime

He started coaching little kids and worked his way up. He is still coaching some of those kids today in Colorado.

Prime took the high road before during and after the game. He might be cocky as hell, but he is genuine. Just like Dan Campbell, he is who he is. Those kids will run through a wall for him.