Colts and Matt Ryan

Looking forward to the Colts and a not so mobile QB this week

Matt had the following drives:

  • Punt
  • FG that came off a TO resulting in a short feild. No first downs were made.
  • Downs
  • Downs

I’m feeling our starters will win their battles in this one

I want better Defense overall and for Fox to punt it 80 through the uprights!! :crazy_face:


This game is going to have a little different feel to it because we will be practicing against them all week. Sometimes that makes the coaches approach the game differently. So even if we dominated the Colts, it might be because the Colts staff got all of the work they felt they needed during the week and took their foot off the gas for the game. It happens.


Not to mention we should be more privy to the scrums once it plays on Hard Knocks.

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Hopefully they give Ehlinger some time at QB … he was pretty mobile in college. We clearly aren’t ready to deal with a mobile QB at the moment.

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I would like this as well!

We’ll be the coming out party for Justin Fields. I fear without upgrading our D Line play, we’ll fuel his confidence, just like Trubisky.

The reason I like scrimmaging with the Colts and playing them in preseason this week is they have a strong O-line and a great rushing attack, which is the weakness of our defense, stopping the run. We need tons of practice.


We did a very nice job vs Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray last year, so AG is capable of calling a good game vs mobile QB’s. We should have won both games if it wasn’t for a 66 yard field goal, sigh. And we made Murray look straight up bad.

You gotta remember we weren’t using any real strategy last week vs Mariota. They don’t game plan for preseason games.


Hollywood Brown had at least 3 huge drops that would’ve lead to TDs. Like nobody within 5 yards of him and just right through the bread basket. I think he even had 2 on one drive. That game should’ve never been close.


You had to remind me eh!! Those had been eliminated from my brain until now, haha

I hope Ryan works out for the Colts. I picked them to take their division.

They sure have had a QB carousel since Luck retired.

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They have. I’m thinking (hoping) that Ryan can provide what they need at QB. Similar to Wilson in Denver. Almost.

Colts fans are the only ones I know of that can confuse a psychotic loner for a classy professional.


Marvin Harrison

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