Colts waive QB Chad Kelly

The dude has a million dollar arm and a 25 cent head.

Remember when he got in trouble with Mia Khalifa?

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He was a punt, pass and kick champ as a kid. Maybe we can sign him and he can be our backup QB and our clutch punter for those times when it’s obvious that Martin is going to get the yips.

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Haha - backup at 3 positions! Can he play ST? LT?

Apologies to those who may share the same name here. I’m sure you turned out just fine.

But naming your kid Chad is asking for it from the get-go. Is there a more quintessential frat boy name than that?

(Sorry Chads)

Todd begs to differ

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“Todd begs to differ“

As he steps out of his 3 Series convertible and adjusts the sweater tied around his neck.

If we’re going SEC frat, my vote is for Brandt

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Wyoming frat, his name should be Cody.

Texas frat, his name should be Austin or Dallas.

ironically my wife is from Cody, Wyoming as much as she tries to disguise that fact

I like Wyoming a lot. The people there are great. I just cant take all of the wind.
Like 50% of the time, its windy.

My wife’s pretty liberal so there’s that. Would rather shop then hunt and fish. I like visiting. You couldn’t pay me to live there. I’d live in Jackson in a second if I was retired though

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I wish I could say that , she is a talent Blue Chip Prospect .

I would love to have him , he is an incredibly talented QB . It’s a damn shame knuckleheads can’t get out of their own way . I really can only pin it on money , or the silver spoon syndrome as I was a complete knuckle head in my late teens early 20’s and most of all of my male friends were…You mature and grow out of it (or most do ) …he could be a hell of a back up and a QB that could thrive with time in the same system and maturing…
With that said the Colts let him go , a talent like Kelly with just losing Luck and they cut bait speaks to just how much of a knucklehead he is , that they were not willing to wait and see , so I would say this kid is likely done unless Gruden sweeps in or Belichick