Combine numbers: Goff vs Stafford

Remarkably close here. Goff’s a tad taller and has a smaller hand. They have nearly identical speed. Goff cannot jump. Both had pretty bad overall scores: Goff 32 (F), Stafford 40 (D) – kind of surprised about this gap given the closeness of their raw scores. Athletically, we’re getting a pretty similar QB, though 6-7 years younger. After seeing this, I’d like to see some more mobility for our back-up QB.

Goff’s measurements are first, Stafford’s second:
|40 Yard Dash:|4.82 seconds| 4.81 seconds
|40 Yard (MPH):|16.97 (MPH)| 17.01 (MPH)
|20 Yard Split:|2.71 seconds| 2.75 seconds
|10 Yard Split:|1.65 seconds| 1.65 seconds
|Bench Press:|(N/A) reps (225 lb)| (N/A)
|Wonderlic:|36 (0-50)| 38 (0-50)
|QB Ball Velocity:|58 (MPH)| (N/A)
|Vertical Leap:|27.0 inches| 30.5 inches
|Broad Jump:|(N/A) inches| (N/A)
|20 Yd Shuttle:|4.47 seconds| 4.47 seconds
|Three Cone:|7.17 seconds| 7.06 seconds
|BMI:| 26.8| 29.38
|Hand Size| 9.00 inches| 10.0
|Weight|215 pounds| 225
|Arm Length| 32.75 inches| 33.25

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Vertical leap of 27 inches. That sucks. I’d hoped we’d implement some Tebow jump passes.

He has the disease.

I didn’t realize Goff has t-rex arms. That changes everything!

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We need to sign Wesley Snipes.


Goff’s got a Reiff-le of an arm!

Have you seen the combine pick for Tom Beady?

27 inch vertical isnt that bad. I imagine it isnt much of an outlier for pocket passers

According to the combine site, its 15th percentile for all QB’s (meaning 85% of QB’s do better). It also breaks it down by “size”. Goff’s 6’4" and 215 lbs at the combine. For people that size its the 9th percentile. The combine doesn’t have a specific score for “pocket passers”. Alternatively, his 40 time is 63% and his three cone is 51% for QB’s.

So I guess he won’t be doing a Lambeau leap?

Interesting how identical those combine numbers are.

I would have guessed Goff was taller, at least the same weight, longer arms and bigger hands from on field appearance.

Well, you got ‘taller’ right! :rofl: