Combined Record of Teams Lions Beat so Far

If the Seahawks go on to win today (22-13, mid 3rd quarter) our opponents have a 6-3 record. The Seahawks beat us but we beat the Falcons and Chiefs.

Small sample size of course.

This team is a good ball club period.

We know the Chiefs are good. The Seahawks are a legit team period. And the Falcons D impressed me. Their O sucks but the D was solid.

I see a Lions team learning how to win right now. BIG W today but lots of missed opportunities:
Overthrow by Goff and a couple bad throws (mostly an excellent performance. Goff is our team leader period. Bad drop by Amon Ra. Tracy Walker tipped INT drop. Too many penalties.

But the DL looked legit. The LBers looked great today.

Brian Branch is a stud. Unbelievable he fell to rd. 2. LaPorta is fantastic.

If this team learns how win, we get healthy and we get Jameson Williams back the NFL is on notice:
The Lions are coming to win.

Look at this injury list:
Safety Gardner Johnson, Kirby Joseph, CB Moseley, DE Josh Paschal, David Montgomery, Decker and Vaitai. WR Jameson Williams.

This is a good ball club looking to get a bit better each week. Good win today.


It’s about time negotiating a new contract for Goff. End of year could cost another 20 million over 4 years.


LOOOOOVE this post, bro.

■■■■ YEAH!!!


Branch looks to be even better than Delmas (who had a fantastic rookie season).

Brash. Flamboyant. Aggressive. A “heat seeking missile” according to his teammates. What else can be said about Louis Delmas; underrated?

From an article from the site formerly known as Bleacher Report:

It’s difficult to label a player underrated coming off a year when he made the Pro Bowl as an alternate, but Delmas is indeed undervalued.

His rookie year, 2009, Delmas became the only rookie in NFL history to return an interception for a touchdown, take a fumble recovery for a touchdown, and record a safety in the same season. How’s that for a first impression?

Branch is a candidate to become the second.


Right on Free. Delmas was a stud but it was known he had a long-term health issue. Knock on wood for Branch staying healthy!

Shout out to Iffy too for playing his role well yesterday. Walker was also solid overall.

I watched the last quarter of the Seahawks game. Seattle is for real. Good ball club.

As we turn to the Packers, the Pack are 2-1 with a road win over the Bears and a road loss to the Falcons. The Pack beat the 2-0 (now 2-1) Saints on Sunday in their home opener.

This is an early snapshot of the NFL. The Lions have faced some tough teams so far. The Packers are solid. They do have weapons. Love will be the 3rd best QB the Lions play in this young 2023. The Falcons QB isn’t ready for prime time yet.

If the Lions play like they did V. Seattle they lose in Green Bay. If they show up I think the Lions are the more talented team. Any given Sunday though.


The Saints were 2-0 coming into the game with the Packers. D. Carr was knocked out early in the 4th quarter. Saints likely win without that development.

The Lions are better than the Saints. Should be a great game Thursday!

During the Caldwell era, we constantly had discussions about how Caldwell (and/or Stafford), could not beat teams with winning records (or teams that finished with winning records).

That doesn’t seem to be a problem with the New Campbell-led Lions.


Right on Free. That was a legit concern. Now…the Lions are able to play with anyone IF they show up.

I think Campbell was right concerning the Seattle game. They thought they arrived.

Now this Lions team is learning how to win. I’m fired up for this game.

Adding the Packers record these ball clubs are a combined 8-4. Time to fine out who is real: the Lions or the Packers.