Coming from the no news is good news department

I haven’t seen the injury report yet, but Lang and Decker were not listed anywhere I looked. So we are close to 100%, or something for the Bears game.

You must’ve missed it, Lang and Slay are out

No Lang is actually good imo. The man sux anymore and I’d rather have the next man up KNOW he’s playing and starting and get all the snaps. The OL played great the last time Lang was out and then everyone thought it would be even better when he had back, only it was the worst it’s been in Stafford time here. Can’t get rid of Lang fast enough for me.
Slay one hurts. I expect the bears offense (who has everyone back for the first time) to do anything they want running and now passing. If we can’t score high 20s this one will look even worse than the Minny game

Really, where do they post the official list? The one I read didn’t mention either player being out. I switched browsers from google, so I get weird things when I put search requests, but at least this browser is not censoring my usage in any way I have been able to see. Fucking media bastards think they are masters of the universe.

Follow the team/team media on IG or Twitter, they update things as soon as it comes out.

Lang was a great guard when he was allowed to hold with Green Bay. Here he’s pretty average

Some people will disagree but Some of us know the reality of that statement is telling.