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Deadstroke, you know I’m talking to you. You get picks based on signing players for less money than other teams paid for yours. So, to be in the 3rd round this year how did that shake out? Meaning, say ours got signed for $25 million but WE spent $20 million on other teams FA’s. At a $5 million deficit where would that have landed us in the comp picks? I’m sure that number changes every year but for 2022 where would that have landed us?

We need to sign a guy like Bobby Wagner who was cut and doesn’t count against the formula.

Have team like Bears give Evan Brown a Glasgow contract.

Will Harris, Anzalone, etc get contracts that are 5 mil per year.

Then we can get some comp picks.

If we sign some low key free agent signings like last year with Deshon Elliott and Chris Board

Then we will need teams to sign guys like our backup QB or Amani Oruwaryie to cancel them out.

Yep, all of that is pretty much a given for me and I’m totally on board with Wagner. Still interested in just how much under lands us where in a normal year.

Not sure I understand the questions, hopefully deadstroke can help out

^For anybody else curious about comp picks ^

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The question is/was, when we spend less in FA on other teams players then they pay for ours, how much less would it take to get into the 3rd round in a normal year. I used $5 million less as an example. This guy cancels out that guy, etc, etc, but in the end where does that leave us if say we spend $5 million less on their players than was spent on ours?

It isn’t a “cumulative” amount of money that determined the picks…
it is evaluated on a player-by-player basis and then cancellations become a factor.

The APY of a signing is looked at and compared to the contracts across the entire NFL.

Last years signing needed an AAV of over $16 million… and also significant playing time to net a 3rd round comp pick (C. Kirk)
The contract has to be in the top 100 across all NFL contracts to fet a 3rd round pick.

JC Jackson signed for $16.5 million AAV… but only netted a 4th round comp pick because missed a ton of time injured.

Players that signed in the $7-10 million AAV range were roughly in the 5th round pick area.

Players that signed for $4-7 million were around 6th round picks.

And… players at $2.25-4 million were 7th round guys.

The cancellations don’t have to be “dollar for dollar”…
as the screen shot below shows the Chiefs lost 1 high paid player…
signed 3 high paid guys… but still netted 3 low comp picks for losing
5 guys in the $2.25-4.5 million range.



Thanks,we so seldom get them that I have never spent any time trying to figure out the process.

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We will get none this year, but we got 3 in 2022 (Golladay, Marvin Jones and Jarrad Davis). Plus we had two others (Prater and Agnew) cancelled out by Swaggy and Perriman . . . yes Breshard Perriman.

@Phunnypharm has really good info in his post above.


I dont think 5mil would qualify us for a 7th this off season but i could be wrong.

I knew we didn’t have any this year, was trying to break it down for what the future might look like when Chark, Brown et al move on. And yes, he did a great job of breaking it down.

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To me the problem with cutting guys to resign cheaper FA’s to save a few million dollars completely disregards the value of continuity. We were 1-6 last year before turning things around. A lot of that was due to the rookies learning curve. But not all. We integrated a lot of new veteran players as well. Commish, Buggs, Elliott - they may have been veterans but they had to learn a new system and get experience playing with the other players. Just swapping out in hopes of saving a few dollars and getting a comp pick is never a good plan. If a player holds out in Free agency trying to squeeze out an unreasonable deal then let them go. But if you can find a way to keep these players it will be better for the team long term. I am not talking about guys like Bryant that ride the bench but players that play significant snaps.

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Chark would likely be in the 3rd round territory. I’m guessing Brown would be in the 4th.

The only question, then, is whether we sign any free agents near those amounts.

I’m still expecting Chark back, but that could just be wishful thinking.
All of those Free Agents matter, though. The cool think is that Nick over at OTC is frickin’ on it, man. We’ll know real-time how we’re looking for next year. Just gotta wait for free agency to open up to get a better gauge on how we’re going to look.

I’m not sure how much Holmes values the comp beans…

but signing Wagner and Johnson (if Browns cut him) might signal that he likes to play the game.

Then again… I’m not sure he will spend that much cash on LB and safety… so I guess we’ll find out when it all unfolds.

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I don’t think Brown is gonna crack the $10+ million AAV needed for a 4th round slot. He needs to get over $7 million for a 5th round slot.


I’m sure he values them significantly. Certainly much more than the boob he replaced.

I like the Wagner deal because he IS what we need first. We are so invested in our O at some point they really need to balance the checkbook but I wouldn’t go nuts with a safety, it’s a decent draft to pick one up.

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Hold on, if a former player gets injured with his new team that impacts the comp pick the former team gets!? That doesn’t make much sense to me. How can you punish the former team for a player slipping on a banana peel and tearing his ACL at his new job?

So whats that say about Chark?

Chark would likely nab a 4th… i doubt he gets 16+aav

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Salary is the biggest factor… but playing time does count.

Here is a visual from OTC… shows that DJ Reed scored much higher than JC Jackson for playing time… and made his comp pick value the same even though Reed has $11 million AAV to Jackson’s $16.5 million AAV.




Playing time component is capped at 100….

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