Comparing CJ Henderson and Jeff Okudah this weeks matchup

This week Lions fans get to see both up close for comparison. I am looking forward to seeing both on the same field.

Here’s and article about the two CB’s and how they’ve stacked up so far.

In case anyone was wondering.

Okudah vs. Henderson: Detroit’s Jeff Okudah and Jacksonville’s C.J. Henderson were the top two cornerbacks taken in this year’s NFL Draft. How did each fair Sunday? Okudah was thrown at seven times and allowed five receptions for 61 yards and no touchdowns, per PFF statistics. Okudah has yet to allow a touchdown in his coverage this season. Henderson was targeted five times and allowed three receptions for 27 yards and no touchdowns. – Tim Twentyman

Where’s their grade in run support? Any TFLs or the like?

I know one thing Okudah is probaly the best tackling rookie CB I have seen in along time maybe ever.He has great fundamentals and takes great angles on run plays.

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