Congrats to Amon Ra St Brown

Per Mlive:

His 10 catches tie a franchise record for rookies, while his 49 receptions through 12 games are the most for a first-year receiver in team history to this point.

Congrats young blood!


He started off slowly, but he seems to be developing into a solid player for us. Could fit in as a Jarvis Landry type of player. I know I’ve said this before, but his demeanor reminds me of Hines Ward. You just love to have those type of guys on your team. I remember in training camp I believe it was Kalif Raymond that was talking about his work ethic. He said to see this rookie staying after practice and catching 200+ balls made him want to work even harder as a player. Those are the types of guys we need that inspire guys to work harder and get better.


There was a prediction, before the season started, that Brown would be among the top 5 rookie WRs (in the mix with Chase, D. Smith, Waddle, and Elijah Moore).

Jamarr Chase 55 for 958 yards 8 TDs–(No. 5 overall)–YAC 377 yards

Jaylen Waddle 86 for 849 yards 4 TDs–(No. 6 overall)–YAC 351 yards

Devonta Smith 50 for 701 yards 4 TDs–(No. 10 overall)–YAC 181 yards

Despite mostly pathetic QB play, so far, so good.

AR St. Brown 49 for 438 yards 1 TD (No. 112 overall)–YAC 210 yards

Kadarius Toney 35 for 392 yards 0 TDs (No. 20 overall)–YAC 217 yards

Rashod Bateman 25 for 301 yards 0 TDs (No. 27 overall)–YAC 113 yards

Elijah Moore 43 for 538 yards 5 TDs No. 34 overall)–YAC 207 yards

Rondale Moore 48 for 421 yards 1 TD (No. 49 overall)–YAC 401 yards

D’Wayne Eskeridge 7 for 67 yards 1 TD (No. 56 overall)

Terrance Marshall 14 for 116 yards 0 TDs (No. 59 overall)

Josh Palmer 15 for 168 yards 1 TD (No. 77 overall)

Dyami Brown 9 for 87 yards 0 TDs (No. 82 overall)

Amari Rodgers 16 for 106 yards 0 TDs (No. 85 overall)

Also, saw this, which I thought was significant and a testament to Brown’s route running:

Next Gen stat of the game : The Lions’ St. Brown averaged 3.9 yards of separation on his 14 targets.

To put that in contrast:

So our leadership team found a draft pick that worked?!

I don’t understand :joy:

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That last route didn’t look very crisp at all
Fortunately the coverage was even worse with that huge cushion.

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The route was supposed to be sloppy to confuse the defense, obviously. :+1:


Nice to know. Great seeing a middle rounder starting to pay dividends.

Horrible Defense for sure. We’ll take it for once though.

The Lions were on the other end of that last week with Harris playing a mile off the WRon 3rd and 4.


Straight stats are misleading in this case. All of those other rookies are competing for targets with real skill players. While ARSB is the best one we got. He doesn’t come close to cracking the top 5 WRs from the draft class though.

That being said, he has been better than I expected, and a good day 3 pick.

Edit*** Elijah Moore’s yardage is off by 100. Thought it looked off…he’s coming on. Who I really wanted with our 2nd rd pick. Unfortunately, he didn’t fall that far.

If he doesn’t come close to cracking the top 5, where do you rank him? And who do you put ahead of him?

Jamarr Chase
Jaylen Waddle
Devonta Smith
Rashad Bateman
Elijah Moore
Kadarius Toney
Rondale Moore

So I guess there is an argument for the 8th spot. But I would personally rather have Terrance Marshall as well.

It’s a loaded class, so saying he isn’t in the top 5 is not a dis. Like I said, a good day 3 pick…not surprised you have a problem with a comment of mine.

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Typo fixed; added Bateman to the list.

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That’s a fair list. Personally I wouldn’t add anyone to it, but I would take Amon-Ra over Rondale Moore for sure.

It’s still too early to tell, but if Levi pans out to be a capable starter, this first draft for Holmes was a home run IMO

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Availability has to be taken into account though. I would much rather have Amon-Ra St. Brown available for 17 games then Toney/Bateman/Elijah/Rondale for 8-10. Not saying those guys will be consistently be hurt, but that it does factor into the equation.

Overall though I do agree that all those guys are probably better WR’s that St. Brown.

But so does situation. And Aman Ra has the best situation to put up numbers. His numbers are misleading against really everyone else. All those WRs have multiple, proven players in front of them. And aside from Elijah Moore, none are starters.

Point taken that St. Brown isn’t competing with better receivers for targets and I agree, but doesn’t that mean he should draw more attention from the defense?

Amon-Ra has had 64 targets and 49 catches for a completion percentage of 76.6%. So let’s compare the targets for each of the other guys:

Jamarr Chase = 90 targets
Jaylen Waddle = 114 targets
Devonta Smith = 82 targets
Rashod Bateman = 39 targets
Elijah Moore = 77 targets
Kadarius Toney = 48 targets
Rondale Moore = 57 targets

I don’t understand the correlation to my point with this statistic. Also, Chase, Waddle, and Smith were not included on the initial list (and they shouldn’t be).

I don’t see how anyone can possibly argue that Brown didn’t get drafted into the best place possible in terms of opportunity to play and make an impact. His fellow WR teammates are a bunch of guys with little to no experience.

I really just don’t understand why I got tagged :man_shrugging:t2: