Congrats to Bengals Fans!

You have a fun team to watch. Congrats on getting that playoff win behind you!

Hopefully we’ll know that feeling sooner rather than later.


You can tell Joe Burrow was born and raised in the house of a football coach. He is such a technically sound QB. Joe has been coached at a high level since he was 5 years old…and it shows. We are going to be congratulating Bengals fans for many years down the road if he stays in Cincinnati.

side note - Nate, our most fair and beloved leader…

…can you unlock the “NFL Playoff Bracket” thread…just for a second? I left my wallet in there…I’ll be super fast and you can lock it back up after I grab it.


Gotta tell ya, that kid in Buffalo is no slouch either. I don’t think I’ve seen so many young stud quarterbacks in the 50+ years I’ve been watching football. These guys are really something to watch.


Chest Bump

Enjoy your ride!

WOW…Just WOW!!


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What’s cool about the NFL is you have cities like Buffalo, Cincinnati, Kansas City, etc going at it for championships. It gives you hope that a team like the Lions playing in Detroit can do it


If the Bengals can do it!! Why not the Lions!!!


I think Zac Taylor was the poster boy for “HC’s should be winners in 2 years or move on”, wasn’t he?

The bengals have the cheapest owner in sports and even they get to a super bowl before us. Unreal……happy for bengals fans though.

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I picked Cincinnati over LA in the superbowl… I just wanted to pick something no one else would… didnt expect to get most of my picks right.

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Has anyone else noticed Zac Taylor smiling on the sideline after plays like he’s just another fan? Seriously. Like there were a couple plays yesterday, near-misses for his defense, where they just missed out on making a play and he was over there oohing and ahhing and smiling like he was just along for the ride.

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